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Wikia (still in progress. Maybe sign up and help out?)

I set up a Wiki for GMs. I really wanted a directory of everyones name to refer to while reading the adventure so I decided to create one.
Sign up and help out if you are interested!



Adventure Excerpts

Maps (Image Gallery)

Maps (Game Grid) (Credit to: Spykes 1 2 )

  • North/South Pass
  • Marauding Yetis

  • Slim's Ambush
    It really just amounted to a hallway and a medium sized room, so a map was not used.

  • Nightime break-in
    Gamemastery Flip Mat - Warehouse

  • Hideout Guards, Hideout Thugs
    I'm adapting this encounter a bit. I'm making the hideout an old dwarven outpost that Marek and the thugs have claimed. I'm consolidating these two encounters into one using Ice Keep from the Shattered Keeps Map Pack

  • Marek the Shank
    As the players go deeper into the cave to fight Marek, I will use this cave map from season 11

  • Ship Rethnor Thugs
    This looks like a simple fight with tiles or a simple tavern map like this

  • Bear Tribe Camp
    Might as well use the map that is made for it

  • Waterfall Cavern
    still working on this one. - might have to be a custom job

  • Dragon and witch
    They made a map for this encounter some time back

  • Advice on Map Printing

Monster Starts

NPC Artwork

Refrences (Image Gallery



  • Black Ice
    I gave my party 1 trinket of black ice yesterday (found during the looting of corpses). For the moment I am not having any ill affects, however the longer the person currently holding onto it holds onto it the more they will see each conversation and body movement as a threat to them in some way (even if it isn't) and won't know better.
  • Claendar Idea
    Create a claendar and cross out every day that passes in front of the players to build a sense of time and urgancy. It tells them that the time of day and current day is important. 
  • Keeping your Adenture Book/Campaign Guide organize

I am working on a compilation thread of everyones great resources! If you want to be included on the list above just let me know if I missed anything.


Happy gaming! 

I just made a huge update- most of the character names are there. I still got about 3-4 hours of work to do but the calander is totally done. 

Since nobody else has said it I will. Slice, you are a stud for doing all this work. Thumbs up, bud!

SublimeBW wrote:

Since nobody else has said it I will. Slice, you are a stud for doing all this work. Thumbs up, bud!



"Well that encounter was easy....er, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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 Indeed.. thumbs up!

The problem is that I only got the adventure about a week ago so I am rushing to finish. What I do is read the adventures guide and then add any relavent information to the wiki one paragraph at a time. You can image the first 4 pages being the most dense. But once I made a page for each character it should go a LOT faster. I just realized that I should really split up each characters page into five sections, BEFORE ADVENTURE, ACT 1, INTERLUDE, ACT 2, ACT 3 - That way you can quickly figure out what they are suppose to be doing. 

But the real benefit for this is providing an Appendix for all the locations, names and refrences in the adventure. The book is NOT shy for hitting you hard with a ton of stuff right off the bat. After figuring out the 20-30 or so refrences it's a pretty fun little adventure to figure out. 

I would have reorded some sections like put the Preparing the Adventure and the Adventure Synoposis first. The table of contents at the start is also very useful since it breaks things down in a logical way. Act 1 is broken up into three parts, each respectfully broken up into their own 'steps' if the characters want to jump from one part, or villan, to another just continue them on whichever step they were last at until you feel you should hit them with the Interlude. The villa who has gotten away with the most, or interacted with the adventures the least is the head of the Interlude. Then during Act 2 same logic as Act 1 except now it's broken into 2 parts (not sure if I'm right about this) and finally Act 3 happens regardless of previous decisions. 


Anyway- back to it! Should be done with the Adventure Book by tonight 


Thanks for the possitive reviews 

I have updated the Calendar with a comprehensive list of Events - http://the-legacy-of-the-crystal-shard.wikia.com/wiki/Calendar
I also have made a almost complete Appendix of all names, places and references- http://the-legacy-of-the-crystal-shard.wikia.com/wiki/Appendix
The actual details of each will be filled out by next week but these two resources are key and what I found missing from the books. I can easily reference a name or thing I don't understand now. 
Let me know if anyone sees anything I am missing 



How I organize my adventure. I made a PDF version of the campaign (no I'm not shairng! ) and use tags to keep track of things 


I am totally stealing your organization method. When are they going to put indexes in these things?

I have the Adventure book, Campagin Book and Monsters 


If you like, you can try using my Appendix I will probably have page numbers to it by the end of the week. 



UPDATE: I scaned all the artwork in both books and added them to the list above. That includes a huge update to Refrences, Character Art and Maps sections. This should add a lot of flavor to your game. I recommend bringin an iPad and showing the image. 


REQUEST: Can someone be kind enjoy to update the entries in the Wiki with the photos above? Like say make an entry for Targos and just upload the photo and set it? Preferably at a 300px width? Could really save me some time! 


UDPATE 2: Added the Date Tracker Gallery as well 



Found a map I like pretty well for the Waterfall Cavern. I think I'll be using this one:


Cave map from Beyond the Crystal Shard



Working on the Wiki now. I finish the calendar, a comprehensive play by play of the Adventure Book. Now going through the Campaign Guide. 


I made the Appendix which should be the golden resource for everyone. Keeping track of the names and places is the biggest problem with how this is structured. This should help. 

First Off, Great Job Everyone, these Forums are a wealth of useful infomation. I am just about to start LotCS and this is going to be great!

Secondly, Does Anyone still have SublimeBW's convertion for levels 3-6? It has been removed from google docs.


Here is all of my LOTSC resources

Under Monster Stats I might have them there


I am still running LOTSC (been going on for 4  months now) If you need any support or advice let me know

Yeah, found them there. Thanks sliceoffruit.

How is the Campagin Shaping up without the time restrictions of Encounters?

I did a LOT of research on Icewind Dale but my players don't seem to care. 


Here are some pointers


  • Figure out what effects the Black Ice causes if a player holds onto a peice for too long
  • Figure out exactly how the curse of lycanthropy would work and how to cure it 
  • Decide what to do with Gant if he escapes ahead of time (the book doesn't make it clear)
  • Don't forget that Ten-Towns has a 50% markup on all items 
  • Don't forget how cold and loud Icewind Dale is
  • Consider having them get hit by an avalanch. I had them get hit by it after fighting the wererats and having them get into an encounter without any weapons or armor in the cold, survivor style 
  • Check out that the "Refrence.gdoc" You won't regret it. 
  • Foreshadow, foreshadow, foreshadow! 

I can't figure out what else to mention. 

That's Useful Advice. Thanks. And the Resource is amazing

Has anyone playtested the two sets of updated monsters proivide above?  Comparing them I notice one set has more hp than the other.  If you have used them which works better for speedy yet dangerous gameplay?  My group is currently all lvl. 4 and consists of a Ranger, Cleric, Monk and Wizard/Rogue. 

sliceoffruit wrote:
  • Don't forget that Ten-Towns has a 50% markup on all items 

Where does this number come from? The module says that things are more expensive in Icewind Dale but I don't recall it ever giving a specific amount by which things are marked up. Does this number come from somewhere else? I can't find anything via google.
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I'm getting an empty folder.
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