New D&D Encounters Adventure: The Scourge of the Sword Coast

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The next D&D Next adventure title and release date was revealed on Wizard Play Network - Scourge of the Sword Coast 


D&D Game Day: November 16, 2013 - November 17, 2013


Event Date: November 20, 2013 - February 15, 2014


Loving this rollout.  I wonder where the final two adventures will focus on: The Dales, Cormyr, Moonsea, Thay?

Scourge of the sowrd coast will release on 02/18/2014

Then Dead in Thay will release on 05/13/2014

So what levels will these be? And what city do they take place in?

1-3 like the rest, I'd assume.  I'd just like to be able to preorder them ASAP. 

I hope for a cormyr always been my favoriate palce and it wasnt screwed up in the spell plague to much.. 

and its close to some cool places like sembia and dales..and inner sea..   its the perfect hub.. but a bit to civalized at present with no reall big villan or god association

So is this Encounters programme only available as a downloadable pdf file? No booklets or screen like the first 2 Encounters?

MissMenolly wrote:

So is this Encounters programme only available as a downloadable pdf file? No booklets or screen like the first 2 Encounters?



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Why? This is the stupidest idea by far that WotC has come up with for the Encounters program. Even worse than taking it away from being store-exclusive. I don't want to have to download and print an adventure for use in my local store, and I'm the one that runs the Encounters program there. The price point of $17,99 is another deal breaker. At this point, I think my group at the store would be happy to drop the Encounters program entirely, and move over to Pathfinder Society exclusively. If this, and all the Next material, are going to be PDF only, then this player of 34 years is done with D&D entirely.

just bought the module it is a great improvement over the previous 2 sundering modules. 85 pages only about 20% is setup. the rest are maps and description of locations. the previous books might have worked well for a home campaign but were not very useful for an in-store encounters program. this will work much better. thank you for providing material I will use.

I bought the two previous Sundering adventures and I consider them quality products. I did purchase them, however, because they were made officiale available to most currently played D&D editions.


Forcing a 5e ruleset on this adventure when the edition hasn't been officialy launched is a slap in the face to all people who refuse to play with an unfinished product. And not all of us will adopt 5e. So it's good-bye to Encounters for me and my players, whom all consider 5e completely unnecessary.


As for this particular Encounters adventure: it's great to have the Thayans involved, but a mere PDF file and no 4e support means: thank you, we'll pass.


Better to adapt Pathfinder adventures to 4e.

Well this explains why my local game store can't order copies of this product, very odd. I liked that the last two adventures supported 3.5, 4E and Next, makes it desirable for the stores to stock.

Both stores here that were running Encounters have stopped. I know for a fact the one I play at stopped due to how this season is being presented.

I don't understand why people are so upset with these encounter adventures not being exclusive. Where i live we have no game shop so i missed out on all the past encounters. I am glad to be able to purchase these for my home game. Another thing is the small groups of people who actually liked 4e getting upset because wotc wants to support their new product and rules. 4e is why i started playing pathfinder. You liked 4e and that's great but a lot of us didn't like it. The edition neutral setup was brilliant and i agree wotc should have stuck with this but i see why they stepped away from that. Forgotten Realms is my favorite setting since 2e and 4e ruined it for me. I'm glad dnd is going back to a more story driven system rather than a mmorpgesc miniatures war game with very little role play tacked on in hindsight. I believe 5e is going to do great even if all 20 of the people who liked 4e say it's doomed to fail but guess what you don't have to play it.
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