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Now that the season's over let's take a look at what we liked, disliked, and might have done differently.


Check out the D&D Encounters: Murder in Baldur’s Gate – Report Card at Dungeon's Master for our thoughts.


Also listen to the Recounting Encounters Final Report podcast.

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On the whole, I agree with your pros and cons list, along with your conclusion. The one thing I'd add is that there are a few exclusives. The Launch Weekend came with the poster map of BG/a portion of the Wide. The people who bought the module in-store did not receive the NPC cards; I was extremely pleased that they included ten more in the Legacy of the Crystal Shard materials, because I think these are easily-reusable DM props that can add to the game. Finally, there were the exclusive dice that players got; the DM generally gets to keep the extras, though since we had a lot of one-time players the bag got a little light.

I think LotCS will go better. It's got more combat and fewer morally-ambiguous-groups-you're-somehow-supposed-to-work-with.

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