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New Releases
By D&D Team

DnDClassics.com—the online PDF store containing classic content from every edition of Dungeons & Dragons including fan-favorite supplement materials and iconic adventures—continues to add new content to its virtual shelves. This one-stop-shop for D&D content offers an easy way to access and download favorite classic titles electronically by computer, mobile phone, or tablet (including iPads).

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Darn, I found out about this after they stopped doing them.

Huh? They still are doing it. Follow the link and you can purchase the pdfs they have up.

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New classic D&D PDFs are added to www.dndclassics.com (as well as www.drivethrurpg.com and www.rpgnow.com) every Tuesday.  This week's additions include products from 2nd Edition, 3.5, and 4th Edition (including the first two D&D Encounters adventures).


Hope this helps!  :D

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Anybody know when they'll put the Mystara Gazetteers on dndclassics.com?

Sorry for the totaly vague post.


What I was bummed about was that they stopped doing the articles about the up and comming releases for the next week. They did one on 9/30/2013 and the last one on 10/7/2013. I guess they did not get enough people checking out the articles to continue doing them. I thought the articals were great.

They have stopped doing a lot of things lately


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