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This thread is for discussion of's Magic ArcanaCard of the Day, and Daily Decks features for the month of November, 2013.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate LSVs writing, since he started writing the daily deck I've been coming back every single day (and I've built more than one inspired/horrible deck because of it).


Pay him more and never allow him to stop writing!

Restoration Angel with a Twin can't even target itself, so it definitely won't make the Twin fall off.

I like the combo. Producing more and more powerful tokens plus through exile/return to battlefield. This just makes me want to start looking through my cards for some awesome combos.

Before I put any more money into DotP, I'm waiting for:


1) All 10 promo codes to work on my device (still waiting for the last 2)


2) Online multiplayer (Android platform)


Once these 2 conditions have been met, I'd be happy to buy more of the extra releases.

Re: Tuesday's Arcana


"This is a mystical compass-like device ... merely pointing north[.]"


So, as the description, and art, demonstrate, the object was designed as a compass. A direction finder in relation to the land itself and you. In this way, you read its dial to "find your way." So how the heck did it become named a "scope"?


To clarify, a "scope" is an object you put to your eye. It is the key element that gives us derivations such as telescope, microscope, periscope, etc. Granted a "display" of view may function as a "scope," but this is relatively limited (e.g., oscilloscope) and not one that as more common than an object put to the eye. Explorer's Scope, Diamond Kaleidoscope, both demonstrate the only other objects with "scope," and both are tubes you put your eye to. Another card in this mein is [c][Infiltrator's Lens/c], but it's is stylized as a monocle though still a "scope." Neither of these are compasses.


I won't presume the Creatives are unaware this terminology distinction exists, and I'm sure the alliteration, if intentional, is harder to come by with "Compass" and a restriction. But it seems a relative oversight. Perhaps it was a hole filler and had to slide in as a "S" card, but this still doesn't force the name of the object to include "Scope."

"Possibilities abound, too numerous to count." "Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969) "Ever since man first left his cave and met a stranger with a different language and a new way of looking at things, the human race has had a dream: to kill him, so we don't have to learn his language or his new way of looking at things." --- Zapp Brannigan (Beast With a Billion Backs)

Traveler's Amulet was actually in Innistrad before Theros--making the "never leave home without it" comment all the more relevant, ironically. Seriously, though, as someone who started playing with Innistrad and fondly remembers the debate over whether it was worth running in the various draft decks, Trick's error makes me a sad panda.

Qilong wrote:

Re: Tuesday's Arcana


Your definition of scope is too narrow. It can apply to many different devices such as a stethoscope.

The Scope name/concept bothered me too.  But since playing MM:Duel of Champions and seeing their flavor text, I set a much lower bar for Magic's Creative.

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Just seconding PirateAmmo's response with a citation:


Definition of -SCOPE:  means (as an instrument) for viewing or observing <endoscope> <spectroscope> [Merriam-Webster]


This artifact is an instrument that views the topography of an area.  Just consider the topo- or geo- of this particular kind of toposcope or geoscope to have been omitted due to familiarity by the surveying planeswalkers that use it.

"Looking at Nylea's Ordeal"--is *that* what the kids are calling it these days.

"Oops All Spells" is one of those decks that no one likes and that aren't any fun.


"It wins turn one a good amount of the time."

-Gee, well, isn't that great. I love when my game playing experience boils down to rolling dice to see who goes first and then watching someone's 4 minute turn of amazing mana-loops before I lose. And even better, it's no fun for the person playing it. It has all the thrill of a game of solitare, you shuffle, look at some cards, then shuffle more, then look at more cards and then you win.


Yeah, I get that it's a nifty little mousetrap that wins without any mana. Coo, .you'll feel pretty great the first time you pull it off but doing it over and over in public is fun for nobody.

If a Catoblepas is part boar, part ox, why isn't Loathsome Catoblepas a Boar Ox instead of a Beast?

dude1818 wrote:

If a Catoblepas is part boar, part ox, why isn't Loathsome Catoblepas a Boar Ox instead of a Beast?


For the same reason Centaurs aren't Human Horse or Griffins aren't Bird Cat.  They are creatures that may have resemblence to certain things we know but aren't true fusions of those animals, they are there own separate species with their own specific name.  This is different from the Krosis of the Simic which are deliberate fusions of two or more animals.


I never realized the legendary Eldrazi had translucient textboxes like planeswalkers.

I thought red heroic would be fire breathing first strike

Snow lands because the deck is GLACIAL.


Love reading your daily decks, keep up the great work Mr. Vargas!



Is the correct event listed for the deck on Friday 15 November as it states the deck is from a Theros Block Online daily, but half the deck is made of non-Theros cards.

hexproff death touch with out enhancements on the reaper of the wilds

its kind of weird that the disc is off centre in the meletis symbol right?

blackfair wrote:

its kind of weird that the disc is off centre in the meletis symbol right?


If it is off center. it is only by an extremely small amount.  Not like Akros, which is off center.  If you are comparing the circle in the Meletis symbol to the circle in the Setessa symbol then it is off center.  Than again, the entire Meletis symbol is shifted a little to the right compared to the Setessa symbol. 


So Xenagos invades Nyx, usurps the power of the gods, tries to take over Theros, and gets beaten by some random white 'walker.  Cool.


Not that the story doesn't have potential or anything, but given their track record when it comes to storylines, this basically looks like the most cliched setup ever.  I'm not usually so negative about things I haven't seen, and I realize that they're probably deliberately following the Hero's Journey in Three Acts because of the Greek theme of the set, but come on.  If they don't have a writer capable of making something original pop out of a situation like this, they desperately need to get one.

That Modern green Nykthos list is awesome. We actually just had one of our writers discussing some of the potential breakout cards.



I have been wanting to purchase M14: Duels of the Planeswalkers, but the discounted Black Friday weekend price has not kicked in yet, and I believe that today is the last day for the sale.

Am I supposed to purchase it and then I get a refund?

Or how does it work?

I am running this app on Android.


Thank you.

Let me know when the Android version has the same online multiplayer functionality as the other versions, then we'll talk about me spending additional money on this game.

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