Monsters as PCs

I only played a few games of 2e D&D but my favorite thing I did was play a minotaur. My GM wasn't thrilled about it since according to the rules, minotaurs were always evil. I promised I wouldn't be a dick and he was cool with that. Mind you, the character didn't last long, but I still had fun with him nonetheless. My girlfriend has a particular fetish for lizardfolk characters. She frequently talks about her blind lizardfolk monk that, according to her tales, rocked the house. 


For both her and me, Savage Species was one of the best books in 3.0. We are both glad that monsters as PCs got support in the 3.5 Monster Manual, making it easier to play such a character straight away, even if full support was some distance off. However, the basic setup of races in 5e does leave me wondering if we will see the ability to play monstrous characters in a short timeframe. The 5e Monster Manual is not likely to have subraces of centaurs right there. I'm currently expecting to see about half of the options stripped out and made a subrace. So a "cave" minotaur would have rage +10 and keen senses while a "mountain" minotaur would have rock throwing and a climb speed, for example. But these options will not be presented in the first year (unless they are in an issue of Dragon, once it restarts). Wizards will have larger ground to cover before worrying about making monsters playable. 


But I do want to say that that will be one book that I am looking forward to. 


What kind of monstrous creatures do you want to see as playable races? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 


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