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 Seems as most of the posts in this forum are by and for DMs. I'd like to hear what other players think of this season. Are you enjoying the new direction this adventure is using? What have you and your party been doing? Whatever...


 I don't care much for this season's adventure and have considered several times just dropping out. I think it has a little too much in the role-play end, at least for an Encounters game. I like that WotC tried to put some more character driven elements in (I'd actually complained about a lack of RP in the Encounters sason I had played previously) but the randomness factor of Encounters sessions just doesn't fit well with this style. Where i play we have only one group but that group has been different every week, only I and one other player have been there every week. It's hard to develop a story where characters appear and disappear on a daily(in game) basis. Also our group is using 4E which I personally feel has some affect on becoming really involved with the plot outside of how well our character can fight.

 The first few "hooks" just weren't compelling to get us involved in the plot. We start out with an assassination that turns into a monster fight and the next thing we get is some guys asking us to close down gambling houses. Uhm... what about that guy that turned into a monster?! Nothing, all npcs just blew that off and offer us odd jobs. It just didn't flow or interest me (or any in my group) at all. Over the last two sessions I have completely reimagined my character's motivation/background just to try to become involved in the plotline.

 Our group basically avoided the first few events, partly because it took us two-three sessions to choose a faction to join. We had no part in the gambling house closings, the tollbooth guy, or the dress code laws. Our first interaction was a random encounter fight with some vandals which was forced in just because several of us complained about a lack of action (this was probably week four). The first thing we actively engaged in was the statue vandalism and that was drug out over two sessions and pretty anticlimactic. Besisdes attempting to bully some garbage collectors we've basically ignored the garbage strike. Which in our game isn't an outright strike, the collectors are just working at an extremely slow pace.

 Our group has sided with Duke Silvershield of the upper city faction. In the latest session we played (which would be week six, I think we are one or two weeks behind the main storyline) we contacted a possible nominee for the empty duke position. This was the blackmail setup by Ravenguard, but since we are working with Silvershield we actually helped Caldwell and encouraged his election. I personally am going so far as to point out corruption within the Flaming Fist including Ravenguard to Silvershield.

 I feel that as a player I know something bigger is going on but these events don't seem related in anyway. The day to day political posturings just are not interesting to play through and much more so in a venue that is supposed to cater to casual players.


Gonchar wrote:

 (which would be week six, I think we are one or two weeks behind the main storyline)

That should have been week seven, our group used week one (Aug 21) as a character creation session with no gameplay.

So I guess nobody eles likes this idea, ah well. More space for me.


Week 8 (Oct 9)

 This week our group was given the task of helping to enforce the new Upper City curfew laws. We happily complied and had a minor altercation convincing one merchant to get out. We were then invited to Coran's party and blew all our payment gold on new clothes.

 At the party we got a few hints about certain tradeable goods being restricted and others being excessively imported. The next day we went to investigate the Harbor Master and after I failed an INT check to notice anything in his logs (with a 20 INT, damn random low rolls) he gladly informed the rest of the group about some items that had been getting increasingly ordered. We went and investigated a fireworks company that had been bringing in way more supplies than normal and observed that his records and onstack supply did not match the Harbor Master's.

 That was about it. We as a group wasted a little time doing some shopping with the gold payed to us by Silvershield (some more than others) as well as some members who decided to just have random conversations with npcs. I understand letting people do what they want but sometimes, cmon reel it in. So another week another few convorsations that don't seem to add up to much.

We did not get into any of the dueling stuff or the secret tunnel stuff, it wasn't even mentioned.

 I plan for my character to bring a full report to Silvershield with the names of the merchants who seem to be stockpiling weapons and other supplies. I'm going to do my best to push for Silvershield and the City Watch to takeout Ravenguard and maybe Rilsa and the guild too.


This was the first time all season that our group had the exact same players 2 weeks in a row. Though we had a fill-in DM.

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I think its good to hear how the seasons going from a players point of view, but I guess its mostly the DM's that follow the forum unfortunately.

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I've been avoiding these forums because I'm playing this season. We are still trying to deal with the stolen hands.


I largely feel the same way Gonchar.

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Gonchar wrote:

So I guess nobody eles likes this idea, ah well. More space for me.


I think it's a great idea. As a DM who's players hated this season I'm interested in hearing from people playing in other groups. What you're saying matches up pretty close to my players. Out of fear that play players would begin dropping out as you said you considered doing I acted proactively and changed the game to something else until the next season begins (which has been very successful).

Hey glad to see some replies, sorry I didn't get back in sooner.

So this week it was 3 of the 4 players from last week plus 1 other who had been there a couple times previously, yay more in & out character swaps. Also we had our fill-in DM for the 1st half of the session & the regular DM for the 2nd half.

The DMs basically skipped ahead a lot of the stuff we were behind on to get us back up to schedule. We finished our investigation of the warehouses and found that it seemed it was actually Silvershield and the upper city that is stockpiling gear. We were briefly introduced to the Dueling Laws and after a short attempt to talk the noble out of fighting the lamplighter we decided to let things work themselves out and walked away as the child was slain.

The DMs skipped the arson, street courts & kidnapping altogether, maybe they will be worked in later, but I'm not sure. We also never had any nteraction with the Undercity tunnels but maybe that's because we work for Silvershield.

So after discussing what was going on with the stockpiled gear with Silvershield he somewhat directed us to try and go deal with Rilsa & the Guild. We had several plans, from discussions to arrest to murder. On our way out we encountered the riots which became the massacre. I spoke with Scoond and decided that the upper city was basically working to pit the Fist against the Guild/outer city and we thought that was just fine. As a goup we have taken quite well to supporting the upper city's stronghanded rule over Baldur's Gate.

So we went to Rilsa's Gem Imporium and were approached by 3 of her guards, we exchanged some words as 1 party member entered the building and addressed Rilsa directly. Keeping with my support of Silvershield I accused her of being to blame for the massacre deaths and that she needed to get her people in line with the just rule of the Parliment. When she harshly ordered us to leave a party member went ahead and attacked her. Rather quickly the group killed 2 of the 3 guards, capturing the 3rd who was recognized as a member of the Flaming Fist, as well as Rilsa and her halfling companion. Yes our group killed Rilsa. I'm not sure how this will fit in as we havent figured if she's the actual head of the Guild or not but it sure seems liek she was an important NPC. Should get fun now! We then looted her storefront for like 3000GP worth of gems as well as the Dm tossing us a chest containing magic items for each party member. HAHA.

So things are kinda looking up, unfortunately due to some changes in RL this may have been my last session for this Adventure. Despite still nto being thrilled with the adventure as a whole I was looking forward to seeing how this all ties up with the return of Baahl which seems completely ignored at this point.

Speaking as a DM, don't worry about killing Rilsa. I can think of several really juicy ways that will impact things in the near future. *rubs hands together*

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