Monster Updates: Demons

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Taking a break from my gods project ( I decided to update some more mundane monsters - the demons!  Along with updating them to Dmg42 blog damage standards ( I decided to give them a bit of an old school feel.  I went back to the 1e MM and picked up some additional powers and traits including summoning other demons and magic resistance.  Now magic resistance is a bit anti-4e, so feel free to ignore it.  I just like the old school feel to it.


So here they are by type:

Here is the updated Vrock.


Here is the updated Hezrou.  Not a lot of changes, just added magic resistance and summoning.


Here is the updated glabrezu, not much changed here either - just updated damage and added magic resistance and summoning


Here is the nalfeshnee.  Agains simple update and added magic resistance and summoning.


Here is the marilith.  I added a constrictor power befiting a demon with the lower body of a giant snake.  Snake's charm since the 1e MM mentioned that they could cast charm person.


Here is the updated Balor.  Along with magic resistance and summoning I added symbol of stunning, another power I found for type VI demons in the 1e MM.

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