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Well I've been searching for a good stand alone elderscrolls table top game, and sadly i only find races just added to the 4e or 3.5e universe. So I took the liberaty to attempt to make a fun and viable new way of playing one of my favorite series. How the game works in general is in a d% system similar to rogue trader where if you roll lower or equal to your score you succeed. Using the newest game, skyrim, I've taken the skills from there and removed classes, giving liberty to do what you want.

In general, I'm looking for feedback. Things I can improve on. So far I have a HUGE ist of things to add, but I want to know what I have now is good. If people are willing I will accept some "play tests", but i even doubt that. 


There is the link, not final draft but i really want feedback. Thank you for any feedback you give.
Here's an old BRP(CoC) based Elder Scrolls RPG system : aplaceformystuff.webs.com/

Bookmarked your link, will read thru it when I have more time, thanks for sharing.

What does BRP and CoC mean? Anyway, interested...

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