Why Can't a Bard be proficient in using an instrument as an implement?

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I'm more than sure that this question has been asked many times before, but I cannot seem to find it..

I'm playing a Half Elf Valorious Bard lvling to 14 and have a feat to choose, my implement of choice is Rhythmic War Drums. My DM has houseruled this to be just one drum (Djembe), and I had taken Implement Expertise (instrument) at lvl 4, which the Character Builder recognizes. I realize that I'm not getting all of the benefits possible; I am missing a power bonus, and a proficiency bonus... wondering why there isn't a stated sentence where Bards automatically get an Instrument Proficiency or at least a feat that should go with it. Trying to find a feat that has a proficiency bonus to instrument as an implement has proven fruitless---- Arcane Implement Proficiency doesn't list any instruments. Is my problem understood, and I'm just not understanding this (and the bonus is just unseen)? Or do you realize this too? Without the proficiency feat, using an instrument is less effecient than a wand... as a bard, that's pretty, well, illogical (Stupid, really).




That's what refluffing's for..

Also, you don't GET proficiency bonuses with Implement attacks.  Nobody does.  The trade-off is that implement attacks attack non-AC defences, which are an average of slightly over 2 points lower than AC, account for the slightly more than 2 points average that proficiency bonus grants.  AIP just enables you to use another type of implement, it doesn't give you any bonus, except what you normally get for using that implement (i.e. enhancement bonus, any effects of holding or using it).

Battle Song Expertise may be what you need.

Bards don't get a lot out of using instruments - but as Pink mentioned, that;'s what reflavouring is for.  It's not a wand, it's a fife.  It's not a want, it's the drumstick you use to beat your otherwise mundane drum.  Etc.

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