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I wanted to ask all those people that are using DDI the above question.  With the obvious push to the next edition, is it worth joining DDI at this point?  I assume that there has been very little information on the future of DDI but since I am not a member, I thought I'd ask.

I already have bought most of the rule books but I like to see some of the Dragon and Dungeon articles.  Aslo, having access to the wealth of information is always useful.

First, the bad news:  Starting January 2014 (after Dragon #430) D&D Insider will go on hiatus.  Apparently to return later, once D&D Next is released.  So, only three more issues each of Dragon and Dungeon and then they 'go dark'.

The good news is that as a subscriber, you can download all the previous ezines from the very start.  For instance, if you join today, you can download Dragon #364 (the first issue), all the way to #427 (the current issue).  Likewise, you can download all the Dungeon issues (from #155 to 217.  

That's a lot of bang for your buck.  It's a bit of a loop-hole but it's one they're aware of.  So I say, why not take advantage of it and subscribe for a month or two? 

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It's about at the point where you could pick the 3 month option and be covered for the rest of the life of 4e, or take 1 month and pour through all of the previously published material if you like, but after that, like Artifact says, the magazines will go dark for awhile.

Just for fun, I went through and compiled all my issues of Dragon into a single PDF (using the free PDFTK Builder program).  All total, it equals very nearly 3,300 pages.  If I divide that by 160 (the number of pages in an *average* size D&D hardcover nowdays), I get almost 21.  21 books worth of D&D stuff.    

There was a period of about a year and a half without compiled PDFs, so that's prolly another 1,000 pages or so (or about 6 more books).  4,300 pages, 26 books total.

I've always enjoyed Dragon for the lore it adds to the game.  With these many pages in my collection, I'm set for a good long while (and a lot of it'll be of use someday, I'm sure-- some already has).  So yeah, I'll go ahead and opine (again) that a subscription is worthwhile, even this late into the game (because you can go *back* and grab the earlier stuff --and there's a helleva lot to be had for  just a few bucks).

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If you want the magazine, subscribe for a month and grab all the issues.

Otherwise, no: the benefits (such as they are) are not worth the price. Especially not the way WotC has been behaving lately.

I was impressed by the user-friendly controls this site once had plus the character builder - Monster builder and all the rest of the excellent tools at the WotC website that simplified my writing and DnD projects I'm engaged with here and there. Yet, now I can't even figure out how to upload an image as well as others once easily done functions this site had offered that earned and deserved the service charge of the DDI subscription.

Now all I can say is to wait and see what would be after all have settled from the 9/9 event befor deciding what the new worth of a DDI suscription.  

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I pay £7/month for the compendium and will continue to do so if nothing changes. I find it a very useful source when designing encounters.

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The compendium is damned useful, and I agree it is often worth the low monthly cost of a sub. Artifact is also correct, the 2 magazine's back catalogs are really pretty nice to have (and you can get them for the price of a month sub). Still, I think WotC owes it to subscribers to either give them all the features they expect from DDI and paid for, or provide something compensatory, at least give us something to show that our patronage was valued. Frankly I've put a LOT of money into 4e. I think WotC can afford to reward loyal customers, especially considering that they've done exactly the opposite of that lately...

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I will continue to subscribe while I am building/running a campaign and ALL the tools are available.  Once either of those two conditions change, I will stop paying.


I am tempted to cancel because I don't use the tools a great deal (and that's all I use) but when I do use them, they save a great deal of time.  I particularly like the ease of tweaking monsters.

Chris Perkins hinted that the form of Dragon and Dungeon could be either printed or digital- or both. If Dragon and dungeon just go to a printed format that would present an opening to kill DDI altogether and conveniently solve the problem of 4th edition fans and DDI tools. If Dragon and Dungeon just go to print then they could justify ending DDI altogether. Plus- it was odd how Chris mentioned 'how much D&D content' should the magazine publish. When I read that I was thinking wtf. What else would Dungeon and Dragon publish? Warhammer? Video games? board games? Are they going to sell out that much to possibly save D&D Next if funds get low?

Fardiz wrote:

I pay £7/month for the compendium and will continue to do so if nothing changes. I find it a very useful source when designing encounters.


Just save it to your harddrive.  It's entirely legal.  You're paying for access to a file that can fit on a thumb drive.

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