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Please keep all debate and discussion on the D&D 5th edition rules to this thread. Please keep it as civil as possible and avoid edition warring.

The current version of the 5th edition rules can be found at this site.

In 5th edition the term "Hit Dice" (or HD for short) refers to two separate game mechanics, although they are inherently linked.

The first use of HD refers to the amount of HP a character gains when they level up. The HP gained are a rolled score of 1HD + con mod. The size of the HD depends on the character class with traditional melee classes like fighter and barbarian having the highest HD size while spellcasters like wizards typically get the smallest.

The second use of the HD refers to a pool of dice that a character uses to recharge his HP during a short rest. These dice are a daily resource which means they return to their max number after successfully completing a long rest. In this sense, they are very similar to the healing surge mechanic from 4th edition.

For example, a fighter has d10 hit dice. When levelling up from level 3 to 4, the fighter would roll 1d10 + his con mod to determine the total HP gained at that level (it can never be less 1 regardless of the con mod). At level 4, the fighter would have 4 d10's to spend on non-magical healing throughout the day. He can spend them on a single short rest or space them out over different short rests. Once they are all gone, the only way the fighter can be healed is through magical healing (including healing potions).

HD are a very precious resource that a character needs to guard carefully. Losing HD to damaging effects (ex. failing a con check for endurance running) rather than using them for healing is very dangerous to a character.

Please keep track of your character's HD and clearly note whenever you use one.
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