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This thread is for the official turn by turn posts that make up the story of our game.
Email teaser to set the tone and give you background ideas:

You are a criminal. Well, at least that's what the magistrate said. The truth of it doesn't matter, the reality is that King Edmund's representative has sentenced you to a life of hard labor in the copper mines and everyone knows this is a death sentence. In the mines you can expect nothing but toil, violence, fear, and injury. No prisoner ever sent to the mines has come out alive.

King Edmund rules the Long Coast with ruthless certainty. Everyone knows the law and those that follow it are largely left alone while those who do not can be certain of their eventual fate. His agents are everywhere, whispering in shadows, peaking through windows, writing secret reports about their neighbors and friends. You are sure one of these agents turned you in and when the guards dragged you into the great hall bruised and bloody, the trial's outcome had already been determined.

Now you bounce down the road in a prisoner cart, two dozen of you in the cage surrounded by a team of mounted guards. Your fellow prisoners are a mixed group of humans, elves, half-elves, halflings, dwarves, and even gnomes. Some are frightened, sitting still and quiet while others are raging, screaming and pulling at the bars. The convoy winds its way through the forest heading north along the coastal road. You enjoy the sunset, knowing it is the last you will ever see. Then the darkness comes and you leave the forest behind you as the road heads through the scrub lands known as the Broken Beaches.

All hell breaks loose as a massive shadowy shape rises up from the rocks and charges the horses. In the flickering torch light you see feathers and a huge beak on a beast the size of a cave bear. There are screams as men and horses die, then the next thing you know your cage is smashed into pieces and you are falling, rolling, tumbling. You land next to a guard who's neck is horribly broken. A grin spreads over your face as you draw his sword from its sheath. This day just got a whole lot better...

... and then the beast charged.



It is night on the Broken Beaches. The wind is picking up and there is a smell of rain on the wind. In the flickering light of a few torches, a group of hard looking men hold tightly to weapons and peer into the darkness terrified of a monster that couldn’t possibly be real, a creature of legends.

Whatever it is, the beast is still out there, hiding in the broken terrain along the coast. The sounds of its prey fill the night air with their screams. After its first assault, it had come back twice more, first for the horses, then for men. Now there are a dozen prisoners left. As far they could tell, at least five guards had managed to flee. About 20 more were scattered around the smashed wagons, killed by the beast or by the prisoners.

The survivors huddle around the supply wagon, peering through its smashed doors to the contents inside. It was well stocked with everything the mining outpost required: armor, weapons, food, clothing and all manner of supplies. Each man helps himself to whatever he wants and then proceeds to loot the guards of whatever wealth they might have.

Big Jonn was the first to step forward as a leader, but the notorious killer Andrew Thale put a dagger in his neck when Jonn proposed they hunker down and wait for more of the King’s men to return.  Now the hulking Thale addresses  the group, backed up by four hard looking men.

“The only chance we’ve got is to make a run for it. I know this area, the city of Trevale is about 10 miles north of here.”

A rough looking dwarf calls out from the back of the crowd “Aye, I know the city. It’s well protected with high walls and plenty of guards. We’re wanted men, we’ll never get in.”

Andrew Thale fixes the dwarf with a cold glare. “I know a secret way in, and once inside we’ll have no trouble finding patrons in need of people like us."

A tall elf near the front speaks up “The forest to the south curves around these beaches and follow the coast. If we head north-east for a few miles we should get to some thick forest. The guards will never find us there.”

Again Andrew Thale stares down the speaker “And then what? Get ambushed by your foul brethren? I have no desire to be a guest of the elves this night! I think I’d rather take my chances in the mine!” The group of men behind Thale shout agreement and several of the humans in the crowd nod their heads.

“To the city then!” shouts Thick Roger, a career burglar and rapist “We’d best be off quickly. We’ll be hunted by the kings men for sure.”

The group appears to have come to a consensus but you have deep reservations about Andrew Thale and his thuggish backers. As the group begins to prepare for the journey north, 6 of you stand together and sense there is some kind of bond between you.  Nothing is said, but you get the feeling that this group is a cut above the others, the quality of men who could actually survive this night provided that you work together.

Then the moment is past and the group disperses but you plan to stay close to these men. You are moving north at a fast march, following the road along the coast. Andrew Thale and his thugs are in the lead and the group stretches out over two hundred feet back along the road.

For the first 30 minutes you hear nothing. Overhead the moons disappear behind thick clouds and the wind off the sea gains strength and rain begins to fall.  The road winds its way through the rocky headlands, over hills and into coves. You are just settling into a comfortable numbness when you hear a scream. The last man in the group, an older man named Edgar, is gone and his torch lies hissing on the wet ground. Somewhere in the darkness behind you hear the strange noises of the beast.

“It’s back!” someone shouts and you run as fast as you can, charging north along the road.  When it’s clear the beast is not in hot pursuit, the group stops to talk.

“We have to stand and fight it,” says the dwarf “otherwise that thing will pick us off one by one.”

“Shut it!” bellows Andrew Thale “Look to the north and you’ll see the lights of the city. That’s the only the only chance we’ve got. I’m leaving!” Thale and his followers set off again to the North, marching as fast as they can.

“I’m not standing around waiting for that beast,” says a hard looking half-elf “I’m with Thale.”

That was when you heard a new sound, hard to hear over the wind and rain, but very distinct: the sound of a warhorn being blown in the cadence of pursuit.

“The King’s cavalry!” shouts one of the prisoners.

Then the group is off again, moving as fast as you can to the north.

Ten minutes pass without incident and the weather gets worse. The wind howls in off the dark sea, battering the coast with waves and driving rain. Exhausted and drenched to the bone,  the trail of haggard prisoners makes their way up the coastal road, moving as fast as they can, constantly looking over their shoulders to study the road behind them. Far ahead you can clearly make out the twinkling lights of the city, but you know it's too far away. Sure enough, the sound of a huntsman's horn and barking dogs can be heard over the wind and waves....

You arrive at a crossroads. A large signpost tells the following:

North – Trevale

East – Duskenwood, Vidsenin

West – Birk’s Head Copper Mine

South – Coastwood, Riverton

Each of you know that Riverton is the city you were last in, a major seaport in the north of King Edmund's domain. It was there that were sentanced to the mines. Each of you, however, knows something a little different about the other places.

OOC: Please only click on the spoiler text for your own character. You have to play by the honor system here, no cheating please!


Through your connections with the elves you know that the elves of Duskenwood will not be very sympathetic towards humans, especially escaped convicts.

Through your work as a minstrel, you know that Trevale is a dangerous city where the guards are corrupt and the local Baron rules with an iron fist.


As a barbarian of the north, you know that the men of Trevale do not take kindly to strangers. They are just as likely to run you down with a lance as they are to speak to you.

As a guide you know that the forests of Duskenwood are a dark and twisted labyrinth of trails, streams, and fetid bogs. This east road, however, leads right to the elven fortress of Vidsenin. The elves generally do not like humans in their forest.


As a master of military knowledge, you know the particular sounds of those warhorns can only mean one thing; those who are hunting you are the Black Lances, a group of elite cavalry fiercely loyal to the king. They are combat veterans and hard men who will stop at nothing to accomplish their mission.

As a spy you know that the mine at Birk's Head is run by a completely corrupt warden known as Jenkin Jack. He is loyal to the king, but your contacts suggest he might be more loyal to a sackful of gold.


As a half-elf, you have visited the elven fortress of Vidsenin and worked for the master at arms there, Swordmaster Antonius Septus. You know he would welcome you back with welcome arms provided you could convince the elves of the forest not to gut you first.

As a warrior, you know that the dogs who are hunting you will close the gap much more quickly than their hunt masters. The cavalry will be a mile further back, keeping their horses away from the hounds and not allowing themselves to fall into an ambush. They will wait until the huntsmen engage the prey and then once the battlecry is raised will charge into action, but will not arrive for at least a few minutes. The heavy cavalry will decimate anyone on foot caught out in the open.


As a ranger you know that the dogs will have trouble following you if you stay as close to the ocean as possible. The smell of rotting fish and seaweed will through them off the scent. If you stay on the open road, you will be easily tracked. The dogs will have more trouble in the forest, but the cavalry will not be able to keep pace in the forest with the dogs.

As a guide, you know that the forest to the east will be difficult to navigate unless you stay on the road to the elf fortress of Vidsenin. You also know that the monster that has been tailing you will have no trouble following you on either the beaches or the forest, but will be easier to spot if you stay on the road.


As a former priest you know that there is a major temple of the light in Trevale that offers sanctuary to all who ask for it provided they agree to follow the temple rules. The Baron of Trevale is on good terms with the head priest and is trying to stay in the church's favor.

Through your research and knoweldge of history and current events, you know that the Baron of Riverton treats runaway prisoners particularly cruelly. If you are captured, you will wish you had been killed by the monster. You also know that the warden of Birk's Head Copper Mine, Jenkin Jack, is on bad terms with the Baron of Riverton but on good terms with the Baron of Trevale. There was a major fued between the two cities and the warden sided Trevale.

The sound of the dogs is getting louder and you hear the huntsmans horn and the distant warhorns of the cavalry. The group of prisoners around you scatters. Andrew Thale and his men continue up the road to the north while a group led by the elf heads to the east and a group led by the dwarf heads to the west.

The six of you who shared a moment back at the ruined convoy now find yourselves standing together on the crossroads not sure what to do next, but you are sure that your fates are somehow entwined.

What will you do next?

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- You have until Wednesday night to post. If you miss this post, I will put your character into "autopilot" for this session and choose his actions for you based on his backstory.

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Kamion had been sitting in his cage for quite some time, mostly singing or humming to himself. His 5 foot 8 frame had been uncomfortable crammed in the cart for the last few days and he was beginning to lose his characteristic good nature. Even he had to admit, things looked bad. He fully thought that the magistrate had over-reacted. How was he supposed to know that the girl had been one of the magistrate’s favorite niece? Still, the girl had certainly been pleasant enough. She had even come to plead for him at the trial, which had probably allowed him to escape the gallows.  Ah well, Kamion mused. No sense worrying about it now. The goddess of Luck will get me out of this jamb like she does all the others.

Humming a tune to a popular ditty that he had often played in taverns, Kamion kept a sharp eye for an escape, and when the opportunity had arisen, he wasted no time in doing so. Finding his things quickly he was surprised they had bothered to bring along his musical instruments. Ah hidden goddess, you smile upon me once again. Tipping his wide brimmed feather-plumed hat towards the sky, he slung his lute across his back and buckled his rapier to his side. Most of his daggers seemed to disappear in fine riding boots, gloves, behind his back and one visible one at his hip. His leather armor went over a fine white shirt and he threw a cloak that swirled around him. All in all, he looked the very image of a dashing swashbuckling minstrel.

He stroked his thin brown beard  and decided he rather needed a shave after being in that cage for so long, but such things would have to wait. As he listened to the Thale speak, his green eyes flashed at the mention of the city, since he too reasoned the city would be a good place to lose themselves. However, he had no intentions of letting some of these men escape if he could help it, Thick Roger particularly. He had heard of the man’s exploits while in captivity, and decided he liked the man not at all and thought the world would be much better with Roger as a corpse.

Waiting for his chance, Kamion had continued onwards until they reached the signpost, quickly scanning their options, he turns to those he feels he has a kinship with and speaks.

Fellow travellers, though we have not known each other long I feel that our common experience of being imprisoned creates a bond between folk. I would certainly enjoy continuing on with you, should you desire to evade capture, or re-capture, as the case may be. I suggest we travel North to Trevale. What say you?

It wasn’t that Kamion trusted these folk, after all they had been caught guilty of crimes. It was more that he could use some travelling companions since if they encountered trouble, more bodies meant less of a chance that Kamion would be killed himself.

OOC: Anything in italics is not spoken, but rather what he is thinking. Blue text is his spoken words.   

Osric had spent the last few days in silent contemplation. Thoughts of vengeance and damnation plagued his mind and slowly tore at his sanity. He could not stop thinking about what the high priest had done to him. How he was simply silenced because he had stumbled upon something he was not supposed to know. Perhaps I am deserving of this fate he thought. Perhaps it is my god's will that I am punished for my heresy. But then a spark of hope sprang to life in his mind, although it was one he feared. I will do whatever it takes. I will have my vengeance, even if it means my soul is forfeit. After that the oppurtunity for escape presented itself. Divine providence? Or just a coincidence? Regardless, my journey begins here.

After he had broken out of the cage he had been kept in he searched for anything he might find useful in the supply wagon. He found much that might prove useful. The slightly tarnished scale mail he had found went over his plain brown shirt and his ragged trousers which he had on since he was a prisoner in the magistrates dungeons. He grabbed a simple round shield and a sturdy mace and strapped two daggers to his belt. He looked the spitting image of an adventurer seeking his fortune.

Osric's attention was immediatly caught when Thale mentioned the city of Trevale. He knew of the temple of the light in the city, and he thought that he could at least gain sanctuary for himself and the other five prisoners that he suddenly felt a strange connection with.

As soon as the half-elf next to him was finished talking, Osric spoke. I agree with you on both suggestions. There is strength in numbers and I know of the temple of the light in Trevale. They will give us sanctuary, and from there we can plan our next move, if any of you are willing to travel together.

He did not know why, but he secretly hoped that these men would agree to travel with him. His eyes turned to each man in turn, waiting for a reply.

Finally free of his containment, Timur immediately thought of fleeing the area as quickly as possible.  Memories of his freedom was driving him to run.  Contradicting this urge were other memories.  Memories from years before when he and his fellow soldiers had an unbreakable comradeship – memories brought on by examining the other five men in this moment of crisis.  

Timur caught a glimpse of a slim sword.  Upon closer examination he found it was a katana.  Nearby, he found several Karambits.  These weapons also brought him back to a different time of very difficult training.

Once he was suited up in some leather armour, weapons, and other gear, he looked at the others and spoke methodically:

Gentlemen, may I offer an alternative?  The sound of that horn indicates we are being followed by the Black Lances.  This cavalry is highly trained and will go to many lengths to find us. 

I believe if we travel North, we stand a chance of these hunters picking up our track or the trail of the others who just departed.  Once they have our track, they will likely find us and capture or kill us.

I propose we turn West.  It breaks our route off from the others, which gives us much better odds during the immediate future.  If we decide to continue West, there is a location that may afford us hiding.  The man in charge of the site is somewhat loyal to the king.  Like most men, his loyalty has a price.  Regardless if we make there, we must go anywhere but North!

He immediately began studying the faces of the other men to try to ascertain their thoughts on his idea. 

The rage filled my mind, body, and spirit. I felt consumed by wild and wolf like impulses. Imagine sending me to the mines because they believed that I was the last of my kind and they felt the world would be a better place without me!


It sounds like a wild beast has read my mind and decided I should live.

Hahahaha. Thank You!

I go to the utility cart to look for all that I need to survive this situation and get out alive.

Morningstar?  Yup

Warhammer?  Yup

Couple of handaxes? Yup

Battleaxe? **** yeah

Shield?  Yup

What? Wolf Hide …….. it must be my lucky day

And a few other items that I will need to survive.

If you want to live heed my warning: 

The men of Trevale do not take kindly to strangers and will run us down as quickly and as deadly as those huntsman cavalry that already hunt us.

I offer an alternate route; the forests of Duskenwood are dark and twisted labyrinth of trails, streams, and bogs. This would make a great place for us to get lost and lose those who want to find us. I am confident that I can navigate us through the forest. I believe this would be our best option for survival. Enabling groups such as ourselves through unfamiliar terrain is what I do. What say you?


Black Italics =thoughts

Blue = said out loud

DM Edit: I took the liberty of editing this post to change the color of spoken text from red to blue. Remember, save the color red for OOC comments. Thank you. - DP


Haefnir scowels, and turns slowly to look at each of the four directions. The shadows cast by his harsh features profiled against the deeper back of the night. The rain runs down the scar  through where his left eye once was, and glistens.

He turns his head and spits, then makes a throaty grunt "Ugnh." and motions towards the east with his head and slowly returns his gaze to the rest of the group. 

So far there are two votes for the north, two for the east and one for the west. In this situation I'm going to determine the group is undecided. In the future I might implement some sort of tie breaker, but for now I'll let you sit and sweat

The debate on what course to take remains unresolved and your indecision is costing you precious time. The sound of the cavalry's warhorns is now distinct, a baritone rythym that sends a chill through your bones. Meanwhile, the sound of the dogs and the huntmaster's horns is louder than ever.

Just for a moment, the clouds part and the light of the two moons casts the Broken Beaches in an eerie glow. The keen eyes of the half elves can now see the first of the dogs approaching over a rugged bluff to the south. There are 5 hound dogs, animals trained to track, not fight. The half-elves can also see the hulking mass of the beast pursuing them turning around towards the dogs, raising itself up on its hind legs to challenge the hounds. The dogs are about 500 feet away and closing fast. The beast is much closer, about 300 feet. The half-elves can clearly see its hulking mass covered with feathers and the moonlight glinting off its massive beak. You can hear more barking coming from the far side of the bluff. More dogs are on the way.

The conversation between your group members now takes a much more urgent tone. Something needs to be done and soon. You all know that time is running out.


Half-elves have low light vision and the trait "Keen senses". In this case I gave them an automatic success to spot the beast and the dogs. Sometimes I will require an ability check. All depends on the situation.

For those with long ranged weapons, both the first rank of dogs and the beast are within range, albeit long range (disadvantage on your attack rolls - roll twice and take the lowest). You can attack now if you want, but doing so would be your turn and delay your move out of the crossroads area.

This round, failing to come a consensus on where to go or to what do will automatically mean you will enter combat with either the beast, the dogs, or both depending on how things go. The hunt masters and the heavy cavalry are still in the distance so you wouldn't be engaging them quite yet, but soon enough. Feel free to post multiple times if you want to debate the issue of what to do some more. I will make my next post on Saturday night so you have until then to figure out what to do.

Osric seems as though he is thinking hard on what to do next. His eyes become serious as he places one hand on his chin, feeling the beard that has begun to grow since his imprisonment.

The barbarian may have a point. There is a chance that we will not be welcomed at the temple in Trevale. If that is the case then I agree with the barbarian and we head east into the woods. They will hopefully conceal us to our pursuers. However, the beast that attacked may be in there. So what say you men, do we risk the woods?

Osric looks up at the moons and then back at his new companions. A sudden sense of urgency falls upon Osric and he knows that whatever they do, they must do it fast. 

Kronan draws his Warhammer out and holds onto it two handed gracefully moving it into a circular motion. He thinks to himself that this would be the perfect weapon for bringing a cavalry to its knees where they will certainly crumble under his building rage. He chuckles to himself knowing that the pursuing cavalry have not the fantast idea of what they are blindly riding towards. He feels his control oozing from his body and primal urges consuming him. The happiness and satisfaction that he takes from this would seem unnerving to most.

Still in control of his words he manages to say to the others:

I have never second guessed myself before and I refuse to start now. I am the last of my kin and refuse to die here at the hands of these horse riding thugs. We have two options:

East to the forest where these riders will not follow and I can guide us through the labyrinth of terrain


Prepare for the battle of your life where some of us will surely die, but as free men, which was more than we were a few moments ago.( as Kronan says this he shows his a slight grin  and a twinkle in his eye at the prospect of fighting)

Either way we decide now, our fate is decided right here!

Carefully watching Kronan, Timur questions to himself the background of such a character.  He’s not quite sure of Kronan, but Timur does respect his direct approach.

Okay, West could be good for us, but there is uncertainty if our bribe will work.  Under no circumstance will I go North at this time, so East it is.

Timur turns, and begins to jog east.  He doesn’t look back as he knows at least some of the other men will join him.

Suddenly, as if Kronon has recieved some sort of direction from a diety, he sheathes his warhammer on his back and starts to move east extremely fast and confidently. He approaches Timur quit directly and says:

"Well met "  

He says this in a much more controlled and articulate manner than he had spoke moments before. It would be visiable to anyone near Kronon that his is very calm and collected at this point, which would seem quite opposite to the Kronon that they seen moments earlier.

Kronons Thoughts now work frantically to mapping out their trek through Duskenwood!      
Osric's eyes quickly dart from the direction of the pursuers to the darkened sky. Thoughts of vengeance again cloud his mind. If I am to have my retribution, I must survive. And it would seem that following these men is my best chance for survival.

Osric begins to follow Kronon into the forest. It seems we're in this together now. My name is Osric. 

With enemies nearing closer Kamion had very little interest in a drawn out debate on which way they should go. Right now, any direction was as good, or as bad, as any other. Except for the direction that led them directly towards the calvarly. Heading after the others Kamion went with them towards the forest.

How inconsiderate of me, my name is Kamion Ambrodell, a minstral of some small noteriety. Perhaps you have heard of me? In any event I am pleased to make your acquaintence, even under such conditions. To what name do the rest of you answer to?

As Kamion walked quickly with them, he double checked his gear. Looking as his lute his fingers brushed against his initials that had been carved into it. It was fortunate that his lute had not been lost, as this particular lute had been with him quite a ways and he had not been able to play it while in captivity. Having it was proof positive that the Hidden Lady looked out for him, and though he was unsure as to whether or not the elves of Duskenwood would welcome the party, he felt confident that his luck would get him through.

Before leaving the path to go into the woods however, he could not resist shouting as loudly as he could, calling upon his vocal training to project his voice back at his pursuers.

The convicts are heading for the city, there's a secret entrance to getting in.

He doubted that his pursuers would notice they had deviated from the path, but he reasoned that the dogs ought to find the divergent paths and that at least half of them would chase Thale and his gang, hopefully getting them before they reached the city. Holding on to his hat to keep it from flying off, Kamion dashed after the others.

Now that a course of action has been decided upon, all indecision is forgotten and the group races down the eastern road as fast as they can. The forest was at least 2 miles away and the group will have to be fast if it is to stay ahead of any pursuers. The road meanders over hills and twists around large rocks, stands of shrubs, and creeks and all the time a gentle incline up and away from the sea. Overhead the clouds once again cover the moons shrouding everything in darkness. Not wanting to risk torches, the group puts Kamion and Galwarth in the rear so their half-elven eyes can best spot any pursuers. Haefnir and Kronan take up the lead where their guiding skills can scout the road ahead for danger. The wind continues to blow, and even though they were now far from the sea, they are pelted as much by sea spray as by rain.

The wind also carried sound, and just a few minutes after leaving the crossroads the party can distinctly make out the sounds of battle between the dogs and the beast. There was a terrible roar followed by a lot of barking, then yelping. A chorus of huntsmans horns soon followed. Not long after that came the distant sound of warhorns and the thunder of the heavy cavalry charging up from the southern road to the crossroads. Determined to arrive at the forest before any pursuers, you double your speed and push your bodies to their limit for as long as you can.

OOC: Running hard like this puts a severe strain on the body. To measure this, your character will need to make a constitution check (1d20 + con mod). Rather than call for an ability check and wait for all of your responses, I'll be making checks on your behalf. This will dramatically speed up play.


Group Constitution Checks:

This task is of moderate difficulty which means it has DC15 for success.

Kamion (+2 con mod)

[64] 13-08-25 07:06:09 ADT - styleplaytest@hotmail.com

Constitution check for Kamion while running east from the crossroads.

1d20 +2
1 + 2 = 3

Kronan (+3 con mod)

[65] 13-08-25 07:17:05 ADT - styleplaytest@hotmail.com

Constitution check for Kronan while running east from the crossroads.

1d20 +3
19 + 3 = 22

Timur (+2 con mod)

[66] 13-08-25 07:22:11 ADT - styleplaytest@hotmail.com

Constitution check for Timur while running east from the crossroads.

1d20 +2
17 + 2 = 19

Galwarth (+2 con mod, -2 heavy armor penalty)

[69] 13-08-25 07:26:06 ADT - styleplaytest@hotmail.com

Constitution check for Galwarth while running east from the crossroads.


Haefnir (+1 con mod, -1 medium armor penalty)

[70] 13-08-25 07:28:56 ADT - styleplaytest@hotmail.com

Constitution check for Haefnir while running east from the crossroads.


Osric (+2 con mod, -1 medium armor penalty)

[71] 13-08-25 07:31:59 ADT - styleplaytest@hotmail.com

Constitution check for Osric while running east from the crossroads.

1d20 +1
5 + 1 = 6

Result: Kronan, Timur and Galwarth have no trouble. Haefnir and Osric are moderately winded and lose 1HD each. Kamion suffers from a severe stich in his side and is severely winded from his efforts (critical miss on his check counts as a "hazard" which means he takes a worse penalty than normal). He loses 2 HD.

Note: Please read the "5th edition discussion" forum for a discussion on the roll of HD in the game and why they are so important.

After 20 minutes of hard running, the party is now within sight of the forest edge. They can see that the road approaches an opening in the trees which is guarded by a stone watchtower ringed with a wooden stake pallisade. There is one guard obviously at the top of the tower and two guards standing in the roadway behind barricades of hay bales piled on a cart that can rolled out of the way to allow traffic to pass. Brightly burning torches on poles surround the barricade while the tower remains in darkness except for a warm glow coming from a second floor window.

A flag flying from the top of the tower bears a crest that only Timur and Galwarth would recognize.

Timur and Galwarth:

Your knowledge of all things military tells you that these guards are from the elven kingdom of the forest.

You are currently hunkered down in a shrub filled depression on the south side of the road about 300 feet from the tower. It is now about midnight and the night is still very dark. You are confident you have not been spotted.

The wind from the west carries the sound of distant warhorns.


What do you guys want to do? do you want to take the tower? or attempt to sneak into the woods unnoticed?

I am going to try and see if I can spot anymore guards
Result of the throw of dice "1d20" :

[1] 13-08-28 23:09:44 CEST - swelcher@hotmail.com

roll to spot

1d20 12+ 1( widom mod)+ 5(bonus to spot) = 18


After he looks around for guards he tells the rest of the group that there is another way into the forest. A little ways down to the right of the tower there is a secret trail that is only known to wilderness guides such as myself when they are trying to get somewhere unnoticed. these trails can be very rough and can be inhabitated by any living beast but most of the time they are easier to deal with than those who run the gates to the civilized world.


1 week ago  ::  Aug 28, 2013 - 6:46PM


I believe those guards up ahead are elven.  Specifically, from the kingdom of the forest.

Timur then looks around at the group.  Looking for confirmation:

How would these elves receive us?  Should we avoid them? 

1 week ago  ::  Aug 28, 2013 - 8:11PM


DM intrusion....

This not my official post for the night, I just wanted to jump in and respond to  Kronan's spot check.

After a moment spent carefully observing the situation, Kronan can now clearly see that there is an extra guard on top of the tower who was keeping out of sight and appears to be armed with a very large bow (2 guards total on top). He is confident there are only 2 guards at the barricade and is certain there are several people inside the lighted room in the second floor of the tower as he can just barely hear voices coming out of an open window.

His biggest concern, however, is an elven sniper carefully concealed in the trees on the opposite side of the road from the tower. His position is so carefully prepared and the sniper so perfectly motionless that even Kronan's expert eyes could barely spot him. This must be a sniper of great skill and his field of fire would overlap with that of the tower creating an effective killing zone in the barricade area.

I'll post late this evening with my official DM post. 

1 week ago  ::  Aug 28, 2013 - 8:52PM


Kamion struggled to breathe as he ran. It wasn’t the first time he had been forced to run, but it certainly felt like it! Perhaps things have been getting too easy lately, too many fine meals. Oh well, some time left on the road might be good for him. Struggling to regain his composure, Kamion scans the areas.

Looking at the watchtower, Kamion spies the elven guards and shakes his head as to his companion’s question.

Those guards would most likely shoot you full of arrows as talk to you, they don’t particularly like humans, convicts even less so…um, stranger. I’m sure that they’d allow me to pass, but probably not you. However, attacking them would likely be even worse. I also sort of doubt that we will sneak past them, their night vision is quite keen, and if we are caught sneaking in they will certainly kill you.

Listening to the warhorns getting closer it occurred to Kamion they needed a plan quickly.

Listen quickly, we need to get out of here and those who would do us harm have the advantage of being mounted. If we can gain the protection of the elves we can escape our pursuers. You are my bodyguards, we have just been ambushed by the convicts and escaped because they lost their morale when the warhorns sounded. Let me do the talking and everything will be fine. And if not, we can always go back to running.

Straightening himself up and adjusting his hat, Kamion boldy walked towards the watchtower.

Greetings! I am Kamion Ambrodell, the bard of some small fame, you may have heard of me? These are my body guards and entourage. We were attacked on the road by escaped convicts and barely escaped with our lives, only the prowess of said bodyguards allowed my escape unharmed.  We were journeying to your fine lands to bring song to your wonderful kingdom. I assure you our intentions are good and we will cause no disruption in your fine lands. Please allow us passage.


Spot Check: 1d20 – 2. Advantage on spot checks = 11 and 18.    


Charisma Check 1d20 + 2 = 7   + Expertise Die = 1d6 = 1    Total: 8

1 week ago  ::  Aug 30, 2013 - 4:57PM


Osric joins Kamion as he walks towards the watchtower. This is either a test of my faith, or a test of my stupidity. Something must be done quickly however, and I don't like the idea of being shot full of arrows, which is surely what will happen if we try to sneak past that elven sniper.

I hope you know what you're doing Kamion. He said quietly enough for only kamion to hear. 

After Kamion had finished speaking, Osric looked at the guards to see how they would recieve him and his companions.

1 week ago  ::  Aug 30, 2013 - 7:24PM


As Kamion climbs out of the shrub filled depression and dusts himself off, he has a very clear view of the situation. He sees the guards in the tower, the guards at the barricade and the sniper in the tree. He also knows there are more people inside the tower. He also hears the faint sounds of battle drifting in on the western wind; clearly some of the other escaped convicts had been found. But then his keen half-elven senses detect something else, the rythym of horses riding hard, and it was getting closer. He knew he had to do something soon before it was too late. Behind him comes Osric, following the Kamion's lead on whatever is about to happen.

Kamion boldly introduces himself to the guards, but he knows instantly that they aren't buying it.

A few seconds pass by while the guards stare at him with cold intensity, but don't move a muscle. The fact that he is not being skewered with a dozen arrows is reassuring to Kamion, but then the guards at the barricade put their hands on their swords and he hears the sound of a bowstring being drawn back from up in the tree. Osric senses the tension and braces himself for the impact of an arrow to his chest.

One of the guards at the barricade squints his eyes and calmly says "Put your hands in the air and don't move a muscle."  He then turns the other guard next to him. "Go inside and get the Captain."

While the second guard leaves the barricade and begins walking towards the tower, the head guard turns back to Kamion he says "Please tell the rest of your group to come forward and show themselves, with their hands in the air of course. And please feel free to introduce yourselves." He nods his head towards the depression from which Kamion and Osric emerged. "All of you."

"Now, while we are waiting for the captain, please tell me why I should let Kamion Ambrodell and his gang of merry men into our Kingdom? And no tricks please, I'm not really in the mood to kill you tonight, I've only just cleaned this sword."

The rest of the group hiding in the bushes can sense the tension in this situation. The elven guards appear to be on a hair trigger and will spring into action at the slightest provocation.

Timur only:  Spoiler: Hide

Your military experience tells you that the sniper in the tree is the most serious threat. The guards on top of the tower have a limited field of fire that only effectively covers the barricade and the road leading in each direction. They have no field of fire towards the entrance at the base of the tower. Furthermore, the guards on the tower remain fixated on Kamion and have not even looked at the depression you are hiding in. The one guard remaining at the barricade holds himself in a way that suggests he is no stranger to combat.

Haefnir only: Spoiler: Hide

Your skill with the bow allows you to recognize incredible skill when you see it. The sniper in the tree is a true master. You notice, however, that in the last few seconds has shifted his attention towards the road west to the Broken Beaches. He appears to have sensed something in that direction and adjusts his position ever so slightly to address a potential new threat from the road.

Osric only:Spoiler: Hide

Your time at the temple has taught you that these elves typically worship the Light, in particular the Face of Honor and the Face of Justice. Strict followers of these sects usually respect a plea for sanctuary if they feel the request is made in honesty and good faith. Then again, these particular elves may not be religious at all.

1 week ago  ::  Aug 31, 2013 - 9:39AM


Knowing that they were in a tight spot, Kamion pressed onwards. Perhaps it was because of the impending arrival of the cavalry, perhaps it was because he had not the wisdom to recognize that retreat may be the better option, or perhaps he honestly believed he would pull this off but in any case Kamion was committed now. To his companion Osric he turned and whispers good-naturedly.

It's all fine, have faith cleric. 

Kamion looks back towards the woods and puts on the feigns surprise as to why the others didn’t follow him out. Mostly he uses the time to see if he can’t determine how much time he has before the cavalry arrives.

Good sirs, you do your post proud. You certainly would have been negligent in your duties if you had allowed us to pass. My companions, who are both highly skilled and very stalwart, are ensuring that the bandits who attacked us are not following us and will not threaten you or your lands.

Kamion holds his hands up to show that they mean no harm.

The eyesight of the elves is legendary, and I have no doubt that you can clearly see I am carrying the tools of my trade, what other reason would merit me carrying them if I were not in the musical trade? And were we to cause trouble it would be tantamount to suicide in lands with such fine warriors as yourselves. There are but a few of us and many, many of you. Yes I can assure you that we have travelled here merely to visit your lands, delight you with music and then leave again.

The half-elf does his best to put on the airs of one who is not worried because he is exactly who he says he is. He can only hope that the captain is more receptive than the guards.

Spoiler: Hide

  Spot (advantage) 1d20 – 2 = -1 on the first, and 1d20 – 2 = 7 on the second.


CHA Check: 1d20 + 2 = 9 + EXP DIE = 1d6 = 3    Total: 12

OOC: I forgot to add in the modifiers when I rolled so I just did it here. Also, how does the lore work? What would I know of these kingdoms from the politics field, who is running there show here and what do I know of them? 

4 days ago  ::  Sep 03, 2013 - 11:36AM


OOC discussion on lore vs ability check:  Spoiler: Hide

The idea behind lore bonuses is that some people are just very knowledgable about some things based on their past experiences (ie - background). The trick is, lore is used only for knowledge checks (ie - the check that tells you how much you know about something), not an actual ability check (ie - the check that tells you how well you do something). In this case, you do not get a lore bonus because you are doing something, not remembering something.

Eventually an optional skills module will be released for 5th edition (probably late september) which will be using but until then we'll just get by with ability checks and variable DC's (for example, because your character is a half-elf with a backstory of working with elves, his DC to bluff past the guard would be lower than that of a halfling or dwarf).

DM Intrusion:

The guard at the barricade visibly relaxes as Kamion makes his speech. He takes his hand off his sword and begins to wave the group through.

As you begin to pass through the barricade, the door to the tower opens up and the Captain emerges with three other guards. He holds up his hand for you all to stop, but at that moment the sniper in the tree whistles loudly and points up the road. The guards on the tower peer into the darkness.

The guard in the tower, barks out a warning to those on the ground.

"Some sort of beast approaching, it's big. Behind it is cavalry riding hard!"

That captain looks at the group and bellows: "Tell me exactly what's going on here or you'll be our first line of defense!" 

3 days ago  ::  Sep 04, 2013 - 4:37PM


Timur cautiously walks out of the woods.  No weapons and his hands out to the side.  However, his deadly long bow is clearly visible to anyone paying attention.

He walks up aside Kamion, and quietly tells him:

Caution of the sniper.  Of everyone here, he poses the most significant threat right now.

Timur then looks up at the captain and calmly says:

There is some sort of vicious beast following.  As well, there is a group after the beast.   We would be happy to help you defend this area against this beast or any other intruder. 

3 days ago  ::  Sep 04, 2013 - 6:14PM


Kronan finds himself torn, on one hand He would have felt comfortable quietly sneaking down a secret path that he can clearly remember, on the other hand he has never left any group alone to possibly get murdered.

He feels some strong pains of guilt at this image as he remembers the feeling of finding his whole clan murdered and he never heard one scream in the darkness to awake him from his sleep. He knows not what happened that night but can't deny the overwhelming pains of guilt that consume him for a brief second as he feels that he could of done something or stopped that masacre had he heard something.Who was it? why would they do that to his people? How come he had heard nothing? why was he the only survivor? Why can't he remeber clearly?

coming back from his thoughts he had made his decision....

Kronan slowly stands up, making no sudden movements and making no effort to draw a weapon nor to conceal any weapon he may have. then he says:

I am Kronan Timberwolf, last  known survivor of my wolf kin. I am a guide and know the terrain of the 

wild extremely well. I am traveling with Kamion and his group of guards and I assist with their navagating needs. we simply wish to pass through.

Kronan continues  to walk towards Kamion in an unthreatening manner and shows no fear whatsoever, but carries himself in a manner that illustrates that he is confident in his battle prowess, depicting that stereotypical image of a barbarian.

I will role a strength check to see how intimadating he is .

[1] 13-09-05 00:13:00 CEST - swelcher@hotmail.com

strength check to see how intimidating he is

1d20 4 + 3(str mod) = 7

3 days ago  ::  Sep 05, 2013 - 6:30AM


Kamion was glad that the others decided to go along with him, if they had other plans this could have blown up in his face rather badly! While he was emboldened both by Timur’s tactical acumen and Kronan’s show of confidence and prowess, he really didn’t want to be anywhere near here when the cavalry arrived. He was hoping the guards would let them pass.

As I explained to your subordinates, we were attacked by escaped convicts and escaped when the warhorns sounded. It is my guess that the sounder of said warhorns are in pursuit of a rather large sounding beast. I have no doubt that you and your men can deal with it and would likely work best without interference from a unplanned element, namely us, into the mix. If you could kindly let us pass we could be on our way and out of your way.


CHA CHECK: 1d20+2 = 13    Expertise Die: 1d6 = 5   Total: 18

OOC: dm I get to use my expertise die once per round, I have been assuming that each check constitutes a round since it is a back and forth. If this isn't correct, let me know.  

2 days ago  ::  Sep 05, 2013 - 2:25PM


The words of your party seem to be having the desired effect on the guards, especially the captain. Completely preoccupied by preparing his defenses for the oncoming beast, he casually waves you through the barricade while he runs to his position.

"Go through, and quickly. Wait over there," he says gesturing a pile of crates and barrels behind the guard tower. "I'll deal with you lot in a minute once we sort out this situation." Then the captain is barking orders and drawing his sword.

You quickly hurry through the gate and move over to the area he has indicated. There is a guard standing watch over you, but after a few seconds he determines you are less of a threat than what is coming down the road and runs to the barricade to join his comrades. You find yourselves unattended behind the main lines.

Then the guards on the tower begin firing their crossbows while the sniper in the tree lets loose with his long bow. Bellows of beastly rage emerge from the darkness followed quickly by the sound of warhorns close behind and the thunder of charging cavalry.

Findng yourself completely unguarded you take the opportunity to run down the road as fast as possible. Behind you comes the sound of terrible battle and it sounds like the elves are not only fighting the beast but the cavalry as well.

A mile down the road you come to a major intersection. The main and obviously well travelled road continues east into the darkness. Another less travelled road heads northeast and the superior vision of the half-elves can make out a few lights in the distance. Another road heads straight south, parallel to the tree line of the forest and the broken lands to the west. This southern road is not well travelled at all and there is a decrepit sign in elven that reads "Ruins of Fort Krazume".

Kronan: Spoiler: Hide
You know that the name "Krazume" is that of an ancient dwarf clan. The ruins of ancient dwarven forts are popular with bandits and outlaws because they are highly defendable and frequently have many secret escape routes.

Timur: Spoiler: Hide
 The Krazume clan of dwarves were brilliant battlefield tacticians and master builders of fortifications. In the great wars of human expansion, the Krazume clan was utterly crushed by the humans, usually after long sieges. Their forts are almost always in a very ruinous state and are usually left alone by sensible people. Their tunnels frequently go deep beneath the earth and often explored by adventuring parties hoping to find treasure and relics of the ancients. Some of these explorers return, and some of those get very rich. 

Haefnir: Spoiler: Hide
 The forest around here is not so dense as it was back at the barricade. It would be possible to travel cross country without too much difficulty, although your instincts tell you these forests are probably full of wild animals. Most of those wild animals would be harmless and easily avoidable, but you expect the occasional wolf pack or hungry cave bear would likely investigate the party if it strayed too far from the road. 

Kamion: Spoiler: Hide
 Your experience travelling through the elven lands tells you that the road east almost certainly leads to a large settlement and will have frequent patrols. These patrols are more to keep the road clear of wild animals but they will stop to question travellers. The lights to the northeast are most likely coming from a small village of 50 to 100 elves. These villages are home of the bulk of the elven populations and they would be hunter/gatherers harvesting resources of the forest. The villagers are generally accepting of strangers as long as they follow the rules and don't create trouble. Each town typically has a small garrison of a dozen elven warriors who will be much more suspicious of strangers. 

As you stand at the crossroads, the sounds of battle carried on the western wind are dying down, although it is not clear what the outcome was. You sense that sun will be rising in about an hour.

OOC: You have a big decision to make. Please debate this in character and try and decide on a course of action by Saturday. Whichever way you choose, you'll be moving as far away from this point as possible as quickly as possible before the sun comes up. Unless of course you'd like to stick around and see what happened back at the tower... 


7 hours ago  ::  Sep 07, 2013 - 12:30PM


We should head towards the dwarves ruins, it is a popular place for individuals such as ourselves. It is very defensable will offers us many secret passages and routes to escape. We should not debate this, we need to move now.( this should be in blue)

kronan then starts to walk in that direction. 

Kamion disliked dwarves. Going to their ruins was not high on his list of things to do, but he supposed it could be worse. They could be heading to a dwarven village that had actual dwarves in it. He figured he might as well head after Kronan, it seemed like he'd be good in a fight if their pursuers caught up to them, and he also didn't want to have to fast-talk his way out of any more situations for a while. Sure it was what he did, but it was exhausting keeping all the stories straight!


Tipping his hat towards this others with a wink and a smile, he headed off after Kronan. 

Osric looks towards the southern road that Kamion and Kronan just ran down. I know nothing of this "Krazume". " If what Kronan says is true, then I believe it would be wisest to head south towards these ruins. We can do as the barbarian says and set up some defenses there and then decide what to do next." As Osric continues to think of the possibilities the old fort holds, visions of fame and fortune fill his mind. Shining jewels and ancient treasures seemed all he could think about. The burning desire to explore the world and see its many wonders dominated his mind. The call of adventure had sounded, and something inside Osric felt obligated to answer. He had decided then to go with Kamion and Kronan, regardless of the decision of the others.

The road south is little more than a rutted path through the forest. As you proceed down it, however, you see hints that this road was once much more impressive. In the underbrush at the side of the road you occasionally see fallen statues, the remains of stone culverts and fallen signposts. You hear no sounds of pursuit and in fact see no other creatures the entire time you are on the road. After a few hours, just as the sun is rising, the road arrives at a steep bluff offering you a good look at the fort. The fort sits in the center of a flat meadowland free of trees for a half-mile around.is clearly in very bad shape. It looks like there was once a moat, but now it's little more than soggy ditch with some particularly vibrant flowers growing in it. The fort's outer curtain walls collapsed (or were destroyed) long ago and now exist only as long piles of rubble that ring an inner keep. The front gates of the keep are long gone and now a darkened maw is all that welcomes any visitors. Gaping holes in the keep's walls reveal that some of the levels inside remain intact while others have collapsed onto the levels below. 


Standing on the bluff as the sun rises, the sky is just dark enough for you to make out the telltale flicker of a campfire through one of the gaps in the keep's wall, 3 floors up. Those with sharp eyes can see at least a few shapes moving about, putting out the fire, and then they are gone. The ancient fort is not empty.


The old road turns sharply and snakes down the side of the bluff to the meadowland below. You are aware that as you descend the bluff, you will be highly visible to whoever resides in the ruined keep.


OOC: Congratulations! You have survived the long night of your escape. You now have several options here. You can turn back and return to the crossroads. You can descend the bluff and head straight to the keep or descend the bluff and skirt the edge of the meadowland and try to find a way around the keep or perhaps approach it from the rear. Leaving the road at the top of the bluff would be difficult as the vegetation up here is extremely thick and the terrain difficult.

As they got farther and farther from their pursuers, Kamion felt his spirits lift. There was nothing quite like pulling the wool over someone’s eyes and getting away with it. Before too long on the trial, he started to whistle a little diddy about a farmer’s daughter that he had learned. It was often a particular hit with crowds of drunkards at taverns.


As he got closer to the fort, however, he stopped whistling and switched to humming, a sign that he was clever enough to know that whistling attracted too much noise, but carefree enough not to be too concerned with stealth. He had managed to get out of the last few predicaments, why wouldn’t his good fortune continue?


As the figures were spotted, however, he stopped his merriment altogether and had a flash of irradiation. He sincerely hoped there were squatters or brigands inside. Almost anything was better than dealing with dwarves, especially in their own home. Whispering to the others, he put forth a plan.


“Perhaps we should sneak up on them and take them unawares? If nothing else, it would put us in a favorable negotiating position don’t you think?”

I will guide us too where we want to go, take comfort in that! but I do think it important for our survival that where ever we decide to go we do it together or these woods will chew us up and **** us out without even a moment’s notice. No matter where we go we will face obstacles, so catching anyone unaware, as Kamion suggests would certainly give us the upper hand.(said out loud)


Kronan is confident in his knowledge of the terrain and paths in the area and has a itch deep within  himself that is thirsty for blood, but not to the point where he would do anything foolishly but he does smell death, blood, food, women, and a good fight in the air! (said within my head)


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