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I'm looking to refluff my Drow Vengeful Seeker. I'm not digging the primal aspect but like the affects of the powers. I thought maybe he would poison enemies, causing them to do what the powers cause them to do, instead of having primal spirits do it. Unfortunately poison can't cause difficult terrain and those sorts of things. Then I thought maybe the powers would be shadow influenced, but that doesn't really work for powers like flickering arrow. Does anyone have a diffirent suggestion or maybe a soloution to the faults of the others? Thanks.
Weird semi-magical Underdark fungus.

Difficult terrain? He coats the arrow with spores of a rapid-growing variety that causes a patch of foot-high mushrooms to spring up in a matter of seconds.

Slowing/dazing/etc.? The spores form a cloud that befuddles the senses of anyone who breathes them in, perhaps causing hallucinations.

Elemental damage? The distilled liquid of certain fungus species from the Deeps (where the planar boundaries break down and the Elemental Chaos seeps into the Underdark) ignite or freeze or generate electrical charge on contact with living tissue.

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Ah thats pretty interesting, but I don't know if I like it any better than the primal source though. Thanks for the really creative suggestion anyway. 

 Why not go Arcane and say it's magic? The arcane archer archetype is pretty popular.
  You might consider multiclassing into wizard and asking your DM if they'd allow the Moonbow Dedicate feat to apply to other bows besides the shortbow (assuming you're willing to worship Sehanine). There might be some wizard-specific feats that may have some synergy with your seeker powers and picking up a couple of wizard area-of-effect attacks or utilities would broaden your controlling.


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Allright. That sounds like a good option. I'll probabley go with it, but if any one else has an idea I'd like to hear it.
Yeah, it's Arcane or Psionic no? The shadow thing could work for flickering arrow, just say it creates a aura of darkness that seeps into their eyes, or somethin'.
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