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I just got my premium 3.5 magic item compendium and I am horrified to see that none of the errata has been included. This is outrageous! Hey WotC, I want my money back!

Here's the description they include on their product listing:

 "The 3.5 Edition Premium Magic Item Compendium collects the most popular magic items in the D&D game and presents them in one easy-to-reference tome. This premium reprint also features an attractive new cover and includes errata."

No it doesn't. This is total BS.

ENworld picked up on this as well and I expect it will make quite a stir. I'm not sure what WotC can do at this point, but I expect some sort of compensation. I'll be sending customer service a very heartfelt email on the topic and I suggest you all do the same as well.
Wow that is a bummer I hope they reimburse you  : (
I sent a complaint to customer service demanding a refund. Let's see what happens.

I'm really ticked off about this. How hard would it have been to include the errata. It would have been less than a days work for one of their editors. EPIC FAIL.
I recieved a response from the WotC customer service. Here is what they said:

"  Thank you for your patience in this matter. Unfortunately, the web site was in error and has been since corrected regarding the errata for the Premium 3.5 Magic Item Compendium. I do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. You should be able to return the book to the store that you purchased it from for a refund. "

Well at least I can get my money back (providing of course the store will accept it. I'll show them this message if it'll make any difference). My anger has receded and now I'm just sad and disappointed. I'll get my money back, but what I really wanted was a fully errated copy of this book. WotC really dropped the ball on this one.

I wonder how many other people will be like me, buying this book only to find out after the fact that it's not errataed? Spread the word so that others don't have to go through this hassle. 
I almost did but then I saw your comments. I am glad you pointed this out for everyone.
You Learn Something New Every Day!
Thanks, OP, for giving the heads-up. I was excited about this tome, but now am not so sure whether I'll get it. Frown

This reminds me of the DMG 3.5 debacle:

Dungeon Master's Guide for 3e had errata issued. Later printings of the 3e DMG had this errata fixed. All well and proper.

Then the 3.5 DMG comes out, and guess what? All the errata fixes had been undone! They apparently updated the original 3e DMG document when they created the 3.5 DMG, instead of using the most up-to-date 3e DMG file as a launch pad.

Big surprise, they soon had to issue errata for the 3.5 book...about stuff that had already been errata'ed about five years prior! Jeez.
The thing I really don't understand is how this was allowed to happen. Think about it... the very conscious decision was made to reprint and errata the three core books and the spell compendium. That means that a skilled editor was given the task of adding the errata and making sure the pages still looked the way they should (mostly for indexing and cross referencing). That takes some planning. WotC set aside time, resources, and money to make that happen for those 4 books.

Then there's the MIC. Either one of two things happened: 1. they decided not to do the errata and publish as is despite advertising that errata was present OR 2. someone uploaded the wrong file to the printers.  As bad as it is, I want to think it was situation #2 but then I looked at the title page and credits. This is clearly an updated version of the title page so that means they were working from un updated file.

Clearly it was situation #1 which means that D&D fans should be furious and send WotC a clear message by not buying this book and returning the copies that have already been purchased. My copy was returned today for a full refund. Maybe WotC will mend its ways when it is forced to deal with a few truckloads of books it can't sell.

Boycot this book! Send WotC a message. 
When I read on EN World that Errata wasn't incuded I cancelled my pre-order. I already have the original MIC (never used) and was only buying this for the errata. I bought the premium core books and spell compendium and the latter didn't even have as much errata as MIC.

Unfortunately the chances of us ever seeing an errataed MIC is now zero I imagine. 
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