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Looking for new ways to get your 4e fix... check out the Primeval Thule campaign setting on Kickstarter.

This looks really cool and should have good 4e support considering the design team were all members of WotC in the past and major contributers to 4e before they were laid off. The art looks awesome and includes many of the artists who worked on the 4e books.

It`s 51% funded and there`s 7 days left as of this post so don`t delay in getting on board.
I blogged about it and I am hoping it makes it, but it looks like they bit off slightly more than they could chew. Maybe they will repost it with some changes.
It might see a big surge at the end. It's been all over Twitter the last 24 hours with a lot of famous names in RPG's touting it. Kickstarters tend to reach a tipping where a lot of people jump on board at the end once they realize the project has a chance of making it. Hopefully this project will get to that point.

I have no doubt that should it succeed this will be a high quality product. These guys are industry veterans who know what they're doing and know how to get the job done.
It pulled in $2,000 today and that's more than it did all of last week. I contributed shortly after it launched. I chose the 4e rules set at the $60.00 level. I'm hoping it makes it to 60k but if it doesn't Rich Baker and the guys at Sasquatch Games need to rethink there contribution levels. Several have already posted on their site that they're a little on the high end for what one receives in return.
I think if they priced the 3 PDFs at $20-$25 and the book at $35-$40 they would hit it.
I just threw in a $25 donation. I really hope this gets the support it needs, it looks freakin amazing!
They need to raise $21,000 in 4 days. I think they can do it, they just need to get the word out to the right groups of people. It's interesting that those selecting 13th Age versions are equal in number to PF and 4e. I think 13th Age might be the next big thing (PF seems to have run its course, the books coming out now feel very end of edition).

Anyways, get the word out about this great Kickstarter. I really think they can do it if they can just tap into the right groups. 
I know a lot of people waived off this Kickstarter project due to the $40 cost of the PDF level, but if you were one of those people you should take a second look. They've significantly sweetened the deal for the digital backers. You now get the players guide, campaign book, and three full adventures for all three supported systems (4e, 13th Age, and Pathfinder). That's 15 PDF's in total. This is now a substantial bundle and well worth a second look and your support. Just be sure to scroll down and read the full package details on the left, not the back levels on the right (those can't be edited once the KS launches, but the info that counts is the stuff on the left).

Lots of people have complained that 4e did not recieve enough 3rd party support, now's the chance to get your hand on some premium 4e material. There's 3 days left so don't delay!

Check it out.
Interviews with the Sasquatch design team show they are putting a ton of effort into their work on adapting their product to the 13th Age system. If you are a fan of that system (many consider it to be the spiritual success to 4e), this is your chance to get not only a campaign sourcebook but 3 adventures.

"If anything, 13th Age is getting _more_ of our playtesting attention right now because it's a new system" and "All that playtesting is _fun_. Our playtesters have an enthusiasm for 13th Age that's contagious" - Dave Noonan

Here's a good overview from io9 
It looks like this project is going ahead! There's 48 hours left and they only need $9000 to make it happen. If you've been sitting on the fence, now's your chance to get on board and get some top tier content for your 4e or 13th Age game.

Just a reminder, all digital backers get the PDF's for the core book (in three formats: 4e, 13th Age, and PF) as well as three adventures plus a bunch of other bonuses. That's less than $10 per PDF.

In case you're wondering about the quality of this product, Richard Baker was the lead author on both of the 4e Dark Sun books which I consider to be the high water mark of the 4e era. David Noonan was the lead author on the 4e Eberron Players Guide and Stephen Schubert was a developer throughout most of the 4e era. These guys know their stuff and I have no doubt the finished product is going to be great.

48 hours to go!
There's just 24 hours to go and they only need $1800 to make it go ahead. Considering how quickly the pledges have been flowing in, this project is definitely happening.

Lots of 4e and 13th Age goodness coming up. Just 24 hours left to get on board!
Excellent news, the campaign setting is fully funded! Thanks to everyone for making this happen!

There's still 14 hours left if you want to get on board before it locks you out. Get your 4e fix!
Too bad we gotta wait three months to get our stuff...
Im glad it made it. Congrats to Rich Baker et al!
Thanks to WotC moderators for not moving this thread out of 4e General until after the KS closed. It got a LOT more views in 4e General than it ever would in this forum
Yeah, I wish they would just let third party and official 4e product stuff stay in general these days.  
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