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To the point, I'm a new(ish) player of this fabulous game and I need help making a custom player-race based on the Fell Taint monster, mostly for any applicable racial traits. If this is too involving for a proper discussion, I'd just like advice on making custom or hybrid races, and maybe a little balancing advice.

Some background - the character I intend to work with is a sapient Fell Taint who has phased into this universe, taken a humanoid form and wears a human-sized cloak, obscuring most of the obvious Eldritch Horror so it won't be outwardly terrifying. S/he will potentially be a true-neutral psion monk, with little use for worldly posessions, and driven by insecurity of the self. In the monster manual I read that Fell Taints tend to inflict madness in their victims, through their other-worldly psychic powers, and I would definitely like to apply that to the race traits where possible.

(basically this, but with more fairy dust)

If it's not too much trouble I'd also like to know if any parallels can be drawn between this idea and any existing races, and if it can't be easily found I will gladly accept a link to where I might be able to do so. Same goes for all the rest.

PS: If this thread is not in the right place, please direct me to the proper forum so that we may avoid any future problems.

My advice would be to take an existing psionic-themed race, such as kalashtar, githzerai or shardmind, and take the Foulborn Heritage feat at level 1 (which makes you an aberrant creature and opens up other aberrant-themed feats later).

EDIT: Bah. Shardminds can't take Foulborn Heritage. Since you want to be a monk, though, githzerai would be your best bet as a starting point. Escaped Thrall would be an appropriate theme (if your group uses themes), as it gives access to some Far Realm / madness powers (although the free language is redundant if you're a githzerai, unfortunately).

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I think Duskweaver's suggestions are the preferable and far easier route, but if you do prefer to go the houserule home creation route, you could do far worse than start here for ideas about balance, etc.:
Thank you both for replying so quickly.

Duskweaver, good advice, I have looked at the Githzerai and found it appropriate as a starting point. But I wonder about Shardminds. They also look good to start with, so it's unfortunate I can't make them Foulborn.
As far as that particular feat goes, I have a question. In the "Foulborn Backgrounds" section, it lists the Background flavour text and then a couple of Associated Skills. How do those work?

Darkwarlock, I will have to check out that link. I did intend to make a more custom race so this will likely be just as helpful. But, as you said, it is indeed complicated and I don't think I'll be able to do much with this until I'm done with my painkillers, which might unfortunately be a few days after I'm supposed to have this character ready. I guess I'll see how much I can get done.

I will continue posting with any progress I have with this character, and would appreciate feedback or other ideas.
You get to either gain one of those skills as a trainable skill (effectively a class skill), or gain a +2 bonus to one of them.  For example, Bestial would give you one of the following benefits:

1) Acrobatics as a class skill
2) Athletics as a class skill
3) +2 to Acrobatics
4) +2 to Athletics 
Masteraleph, does that mean I have to replace one of my existing class skills with the new one, or I get it as a third? If the former is true I can only imagine its use if I already have one or both of those skills trained, and I just want a slightly higher check.
You get to add it to your list of 'class skills', which is the list of skills your class allows you to choose as your 'trained skills' when you create your character. It doesn't replace anything, although it also doesn't increase the number of skills you can choose as your 'trained skills'.

If you're a monk, Athletics and Acrobatics are both 'class skills' anyway, meaning you can already choose to start trained in them, so if you chose that particular background you'd take the +2 bonus to one of them instead.

This all assumes your DM/group is actually using backgrounds. Not all groups do.

And I'm not sure what you mean by "get it as a third". Monks get four trained skills from a choice of ten class skills.

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Sorry, I was thinking of my existing character, who's a Rogue. It says in the "Trained Skills" that Rogues automatically get two (Stealth and Thievery) and then a choice of four more, out of 10, like you said.

Do you mean that with some backgrounds I can up that value to 12, but I can still only choose to train four on top of my 2 initially trained skills? And if the class has one of those extra skills already, the background allows me to train it up to +7, right?

EDIT: I don't think my group uses backgrounds anyway, so this is just a curiosity.
Do you mean that with some backgrounds I can up that value to 12, but I can still only choose to train four on top of my 2 initially trained skills?

This is correct.

And if the class has one of those extra skills already, the background allows me to train it up to +7, right?

In effect, yes. Training gives +5, then your background gives a +2 bonus that is distinct from (and not contingent upon) the effects of training.

Some backgrounds give extra languages instead, or allow you to use a different ability score in place of Con for determining your HPs, or allow you a fourth death save before dying, or some combination of benefits (e.g. one new class skill and a +1 bonus to it, or a new language and a new class skill). I strongly recommend all groups to use backgrounds, since they add a nice bit of extra customisation to character creation without making characters significantly more powerful (unlike themes, which are a definite power upgrade).

"My flying carpet is full of elves."

I'm back, and I bring with me the first draft of the race sheet. The goods are as follows:

Fell Taint Player Race, “Worm that Walks”

Ability Score: +2 Wisdom or Intelligence, +2 Dexterity

Size: Medium

Speed: 5

Vision: Low-light

Languages: Common, Deep Speech

Skill Bonus: +2 Bluff, +2 Perception


Major 1: Floating Form – Terrain Difficulty does not affect you, and you do not trigger pressure-plate or trip-line traps.

Major 2: Foreign Physiology - +2 to saving throws against Poison (and other biotics)

Minor 1: Terrifying - +4 to Intimidate, -2 to Diplomacy

Minor 2: Extra Squishy – You can Squeeze down to Tiny size

Racial Power;

Encounter, Minor – You may shift 2 spaces

I'd like to see some feedback on this even if it's only negative. But tread lightly, for I am worm.

Ahem. The basic description of this race is a pile of demon worms and fairy dust with a humanoid disguise including: large dark cloak, human mask, and perhaps gloves and shoes (although it prefers to float). Due to the inter-dimensional and nightmarishly horrific origin of this creature it is terrifying to behold undisguised, isn't affected by poison as much as any other race, and also glows in the dark (providing low-light vision I guess?) As my friend, another DM, brought up; the mask is necessary because, under a regular dark cloak (think Nazgul) glowing worms would stick out clear as day. So there is a lot of potential RP fun to be had, although using this race conventionally and getting talkative with the local apothecaries probably won't end well.

As a pile of worms, we've also agreed that being able to contort in otherwise impossible poses (+Dexterity), slithering along the ground and avoiding attacks (Racial Shift power), and tearing oneself apart to get to those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies (Extra Squishy) is common fare. If you have any problems with this, feel free to bring it up and we'll get a proper conversation going.

Another thing that the DM and I discussed were racial feats and abilities for higher levels, with the DM coming up with most of them. This includes:

1. A daily attack power that regenerates 125% (or something like that) of the damage you recieve between when you cast it and your next turn, possibly level 15. This is based on a worm's ability to regenerate damage and loss of limb.

2. The ability to drop worms (perhaps at a health penalty) that can climb walls or move fast, that you can sense with and follow through the map until they expire or get killed. This would also work outside of combat, though it would be very suspicious. No decided level for that yet.

3. A natural, logical conclusion of the first one - if you happen to be cut in half horizontally, you'd regenerate eventually - but the bottom half would regenerate as well, creating a second head and making what is basically a clone of you, controlled by the DM. This is definitely not fully developed yet, but would provide heaps of fun if it was somehow incorporated into someone's game. Hell, it could be part of a boss fight.

Again feel free to ask, complain, dispute, insult or doubt me and this information in any fashion you'd like. It's a first draft at best, and everything is subject to change. Although I need to finalize this character BY TOMORROW AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

[EDIT: The other DM, the one running the game I'm joining, has given me the go ahead so I'll be designing the character now. Thanks for all the help! But this is still incomplete and I think we have a good thing going here, so let's keep it going by GIVING FEEDBACK]

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