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Continuing our season using the D&DNext playtest rules, this is the first session the party looked to truly get in trouble - we even had to look at the Death & Dying notes!

"Well that encounter was, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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Session 5

The PC's started early, leaving to travel across country to reach Peldan's Helm. I gave Peldan's Helm a rustic frontier treatment of a small town on the edge of the wild. Because of a problem with encroaching bears, the town hosts and annual biggest bear hunting challenge that happens to be going on at the time the PC's come to town. This helped me flesh out the town along with the only map of Peldan's Helm posted online. There were of course the locals, mainly farmers and townsfolk, but there were also the hunters that have gathered here the day before the contest begins. This allowed for plenty of great RP opportunities. outside the general store was a huge stuffed bear that is the largest bear ever bagged at the contest. One of the characters registered for the event. They also interacted with the general store/taxidermist, the inn keeper and a few locals, the Constable, the elf ranger, some of the hunters at the hunter's camp and the Priest and the temple. They did pretty bad on most of their skill challenges to find clues, but there was plenty of great role play. The Ranger gave them the best clue on a direction to go. They were able to detect that the staff had come through town and the constable told them he saw the Zhents heading out of town.

Wasting no time, they took to the forest in the direction the ranger suggested. The characters failed their check to approach the hunting cabin stealthily vs. the cult leader's Wisdom, so they ended up getting ambushed. In the combat, the low level fighters were for the most part taken out fairly quickly. The Veterans did quite a bit of damage along with the cult leader, but it was clear that the PC's would easily take this fight. So to make things interesting, in the middle of the 3rd round, a huge bear, stats taken from one of the other adventures in the kit, comes charging out of the trees to attack the gnome wizard. Now it was interesting!

There was a lot of movement on the battlefield and one of the veterans was able to knock the Paladin PC unconscious. Frustrated with his PC, he decided to let the character die, as they would have easily been able to revive him, and he will be opting for a Cleric next session. The fight taxed the resources of the party fairly well, but they survived and eliminated the cult threat. There was some discussion about the bear, who is clearly larger than the trophy bear they saw in town, on if they should head back to town with it to win the contest. They will have to decide next week. Overall it was a great session and tons a great role-play as well as combat, causing us to run over about an hour, but there were no complaints.

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