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I noticed that winter wolves have common and giant listed under languages.  The group I'm DMing for will have some encounters coming up where winter wolves will be involved.  I wondered if winter wolves could speak these languages or just understand them spoken?  I looked up wolve, dogs, and hell hounds and noticed that no languages were listed for any of them.  This makes me think that winter wolves can speak.  In Monster Manual Two, there is no mention of this in the text describing them (or maybe I missed it while skimming quickly).  

My main two questions are:
1. Can winter wolves speak?
2.  If yes, why are they different than the other creatures listed?

If you want them to be able to speak, they can speak.  If not, they can't.
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I believe it states "understands X" for creatures that can understand but not speak a language, so yes, winter wolves can speak and I've seen them depicted so in fantasy fiction. As to why, whatever works best for your imagination!
Thank you thespaceinvader and darkwarlock.  
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