Character Builder not giving level 3 encounter power to Assassin

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Maybe it is a D&D rules thing I'm not aware of, but when I level my Assassin from 2 to 3, it does not give anything new except increased health.  No level 3 encounter, no feats, nothing.  Is this normal? 
A standard assassin (designated "assassin" on the class menu) should gain a 2nd encounter attack power at 3rd level.

An executioner assassin (designated "assassin (executioner)" on the class menu) gains only the Death Strike ability (which is not a power and involves no player choices) at 3rd level.

Also, you need to click on "Custom" rather than "New" if you want to get all possible options for building your character.

That's it!  Executioner's Guild.  Wow, that is a really boring path, isn't it.  NO encounters for the entirety of the character?  Just improved Assassin's strike?
Actually, don't diss on the Death Strike. Having an effect that automatically kills (or incapicatates, if you don't have the stomach for slaughter) any enemy that you bring down to a certain threshold of hit points is pretty sweet.

Death Strike and ever increasing damage on Assassin's Strike are actually miles better than most Assassin Encounter Attack powers. Boring maybe, but also undeniably more effective.
Yeah, in terms of pure damage output, the executioner assassin is considerably ahead of the shroud assassin. And it's actually not at all boring to play, either. You may only get the one encounter attack, but your daily-power-equivalents (your poisons) are more flexible than regular daily powers (and have very entertaining out-of-combat uses as well), you get a bunch of specialised at-will attacks depending on your guild, plus you get a few other little bonuses as you level up, such as being able to fall ridiculous distances without taking damage, and basically getting to be a changeling every short rest. IMO, executioners are up there with warlocks in terms of being the most fun and interesting strikers to play.

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