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Another noobish(sounds like a D&D race) question for the experts here...

-If a character or creature can shift as part of their move, how could opportunity attacks ever be initiated by moving away from an enemy?(other than the player forgetting to say "I am shifting").  If you are moving out of melee with an opposing enemy, isn't that by definition a "shift" which negates the opportunity attack?

Sorry, I am sure I am missing something simple here but any advice would be appreciated.
Shifting doesn't provoke Opportunity Attack unless noted otherwise.
Shifting doesn't provoke Opportunity Attack unless noted otherwise.

I understand my question, I suppose, given that one can move away froman enemy using shifting...
A. Why would one not shift when moving out of melee?
B.  How can opportunity attacks ever happen given A above?

Again, sure I am missing something, but clarification would be appreciated.

You've said "shift as part of their move" in your original post. That's incorrect. A Shift is a Move Action.  So, you Shift 1 square.  You do NOT get the rest of your Move speed as a normal move.

So, it's a choice:
SHIFT 1 square safely away OR
Move your normal speed and provoke an OA.

Another (sometimes) common tactic is to SHIFT 1 away from an enemy and then Charge a different enemy (Standard Action that includes your full move speed).     
there's also powers or feats that can give you additional squares when you shift or allow you to shift your entire speed worth.  Some monsters and the fighter for example have the ability to punish creatures who shift while next to them however, so it's not always going to work.
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I got it now.  Thanks to everyone for your assistance.   
Also note that if a power doesn't say it allows you to shift, you are *not* shifting.  You are moving, which will provoke OAs, even if it only allows you to move 1 square.

Some powers do give you the choice of shifting or moving, but those are few and far between...
And there are some powers for PCs and monsters that say "move, this move dose not provoke opritunity attacks".

This can be annoying if you can do something when a monster shifts and a skirmisher dose a flyby attack or running slash that is not a shift but dose not provoke.
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