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With the release of the three core rulebooks for 2nd edition, I am hoping beyond hope that perhaps they give the line the same amount of reprints that they did for 1e & 3.5. The Player's Option books are already released or to be released on the Classics PDF store. So my question is, which books would we like to see added to this line? 

Personally, I have a few opinions:

1. Tome of Magic: Beyond the fact that it was useful for mages, do we need another reason?

2. Hardcover campaign settings: Even Mearls (who seems to not have many kind words for this wonderful era of the game) admits that the campaign settings for 2e were a shining point in the history of the game. How about reprinting the box sets as a hardcover, similar to the hardcover releases of classic modules for 1e? Personally, I would go with the ones that haven't been updated to 4e, such as Planescape, Birthright, Dragonlance, Greyhawk, Ravenloft, or Al Qadim.

3. Encyclopedia Magica series: These were some of the best accessories for the 2e game. If they were altered to the standard size, they could be done in 2 hardcovers instead of the 4 as originally released.

Thoughts? Ideas? Musings? Blatant silliness?         

Just roll some dice.



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   I love 2nd Edition AD&D. I share in your hope that wotc will do more to reprint some of the more collectable portions of that system. I doubt that they will jump in with both feet when it comes to printing the stuff on demand. I'll address my thoughts on each bullet of your post.

1. I don't need a Spells and magic book personally but to each his own.
Give me the Book of Artifacts!

2.Hardcover campaign Settings. This I can get behind. This I would seek out and buy. This needs to be next to print in my personal opinion. Hard copies of the settings will sell. Some edition neutral Settings with the sheer information " fluff' from  2nd edition would also be the bees knees and appeal to more than just the "Zebites". As you wrote the "strength of 2nd Edition is it's settings" and I'd ad it's format as a reference. I love the Gygaxian prose of 1st Edition but I will not deny that  2nd editon books make great refrence material in play. Oh and unlike alot of folks I dug the exterior and interior art of the 1989 era books. I love the art of late 1st and 2nd edition Best.

3.The Encyclopedia Magica Both of Magic items and of Spells. These books are some of the most collectable books of the edition. You bet I'd jump at a chance to grab them up. They are way over priced on Amazon. I'd lap em up like a cat does milk. I don't see the company reprinting them though because they are so obscure as it were. It costs money to print books. Luckily I can get the pdf.

 I am glad that wotc has chosen to release the pdf's of the past editions of the game but there are a few things that would be cool to see in print.        
I'd personally like to see all the "Complete ________'s Handbooks" reprinted, perhaps all in one larger book.
2 E Books I'd like to see re-printed . . .

- Tomb of Magic 

- Dungeon Master's Screen ( This will never happen. )

- Birthright Campaign Setting. ( D & D - Game of Thrones. My favorite 2 E setting. )

- The Complete " _________ " Handbooks. ( Bundled in a slip case would be nice. )

If I had to guess, I think we'll see the Tomb of Magic show up in the next product up-date . . . 
Tome of Magic and the Book of Artifacts seem like the big two must-have books. Softcovers just make for a poorer delux product.

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