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I want to add guns in my campaign but not have them be overpowered. I thought of making them like magic items, the players could cary more than one and shoot them once an encounter. But I would prefer them be weapons.. I would want two military guns a rifle and a pistol. Also mabey some superior like dwarven blunderbuss, eladrin longrifle, mabey a gun that has low damage but lights target on fire.

Military one handed.
Pistol: prof +2, damage 1d8, range 5/10, load minor

Military two handed.
Rifle: prof +2, damage 1d10, range 10/20, load minor
(Would it be overpowerd to give these brutal 1?)

Superior two handed
Dwarvern blunderbuss: prof +2, damage 1d10, range 5/10, load minor, high crit, Brutal 2.

Eladrin longrifle: prof +3, damage 1d10, range 30/50, load minor.

These are my ideas but I want them to be balanced.
I wouldn't give the rifle brutal, if we make it an anologue of the Khopesh, which is a military prof +2 and 1d8 damage with brutal 1. 

otherwise  I don't see anything offputting OP about them, as a person I don't like the range of the pistol. 
No reason not to take ELR. Nothing beats to-hit.

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

TBH, the best thing to do is to simply use an equivalent crossbow's stats for the gun. This keeps them balanced and also ensures that you won't have any weird/problematic interactions with other ranged rules elements.
I'd recommend the rules from DEM's UltraModern4!  They're fair and full compatible with standard D&D 4e.  They might be a tad anachronistic, but nothing a little refluffing can't handle Smile

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Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:

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