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With WotC re-publishing older editions of D & D, I would like to see character sheets posted for download.

I'm starting a 2E game now that my books have arrved in the mail.

It would be very helpful to have some offical character sheets to use as well.

On a side note -

Keep the re-prints coming. I'm very happy with them.

( Still waiting for the D & D - R C - to be re-printed! )

Fingers crossed . . .
Well official reprints of older Character Sheets would be awesome but you can go over to and find near exact replicas of that which you seek (for free).
In addition to Dragonsfoot, you can also find AD&D character sheets at Mad Irishman
Thanks . . .

The character sheets posted there are great. 
The Mad Irishman's sheets are awesome. I've used his stuff for years and several different systems.
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