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So I have a PC who is interested in playing an undead Eladrin wizard during our homebrew campaign. Now we (my co-DM and I) recently got DDI to make it easier for our players to make sheets and maintain their stats, and we'd really like to allow this guy to have the same level of accessiblity. Are there options to homebrew his creature type and such, or would it just be easier for us to add that in later on his physical sheet?
There's some room for flexibility, but not nearly enough.  For an undead eladrin you might consider changing his race to revenant, though you lose the +INT racial bonus.  (However, one area where the Character Builder is flexible is allowing you to set whatever ability scores you want, so you can just house-rule that this revenant still has a +INT racial bonus, by just manually adjusting its final ability scores.)
If you're doing epic level, or if your player doesn't mind starting out alive and then becoming undead later, there's the Archlich epic destiny.
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