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Hey all, Looking for some RPGA players and or DM's in my area that play regularly other than conventions. I am located in North Carolina in the Triad (Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro area) I go to local conventions but this is the only time I get to play RPGA characters. My local DnD group dont play RPGA and we have stopped playing for now so looking for a RPGA group that I could get into.

Kernersville NC area

As you may have gathered by looking at this board, it receives very little traffic these days.  This is because this is an old, "legacy" board, a leftover from the time before WotC restructured their message boards as the "WotC Community", about 3 years ago.  (The only reason I'm even seeing this is that, as the VCL for the RPGA, I still stick my head in here every couple of days to see if anyone's stumbled in here.)

As part of that restructuring, a different LFR board was created, as part of an official LFR group.  That board sees substantially more traffic, and is moderated by the LFR global adminstrators.  I'd suggest re-posting your request there.

The board is located here:

Note that you will probably need to apply for membership in the LFR group before you can post on that board.

Hope this helps!

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