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This encounter proved extremely brutal for my players as all of the monsters benefitted from the enhanced damage to Thunder or Lightning keyword powers while none of theirs did. As I mentioned above, none of them had played the previous 2 sessions of the lower floors so I as quite happy to drain some of their resources prior to next sessions finale. I did make a conscious decision to enforce the elementals 2-square sensing of the party though and gave the players the chance to avoid detection whenever a hurler or votex moved within range. I also decided that the hurlers would rotate anti-clockise and the vortices clockwise around the staircase.

I half expected some of the party to make a dash for the two bedrooms and then become temporarily trapped once one or two elementals detected them but the party as a whole chose to remain in the section between the small stairs they had come up and the central staircase.

Our FLGS (Tabletop Tyrants) is closed next Wednesday evening so we dont have a game next week but have agreed to run our usual 2 sessions for the series finale the following week on what should be the session 0 of the next season.

"Well that encounter was, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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Nabbed from another forum post I made last week, serves as a pretty good summary of our game:

My party tried to avoid the encounter. It wasn't even over-powered, but I know we have a tough fight next week (final, big boss), and we could have sneaked past the all storm vortexes entirely, if we had all been really lucky on some skill checks (we wouldn't have). We also had 1 PC who was out of surges entirely.

Instead, the DM decided to screw with us a bit (he likes to do that-- it's all right), and had us get attacked once we reached the staircase. We had a rough fight there, as the vortexes could attack us anywhere on the stairs, thanks to it being an open stair with a railing and the vortexes being able to fly.


Anyway, we had a new player who played the paladin. I poured healing into him, which helped him get to the top of the steps. But that's had me thinking about surrender a lot this week-- it was really hard in the vortex fight to get the paladin up and able to escape the fight, and that was a level-appropriate combat.

In fact, the one D&D character death I'm still pissed about was a case where the DM made a mistake creating the encounter, and we got locked down to the point where even after we made the attempt to flee, we could not escape.

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