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Dungeon Command Tournament and Open-Play at Origins

WHERE: Board Game Hall, Rogue Judges Arena

WHEN: Friday, June 14th at 12pm

HOW: Show up ready to play! We will have a tournament as well as open play for those wishing to learn / not play in a competitive setting. I'll have at least four copies of the five released sets, plus extra individual minis. Oh, I almost forget -- some promos for giveaway.

WHAT: Dungeon Command Tournament and Open-Play.

Open-Play -- Just show up, warband or not. I will be teaching the game to anyone who wishes to learn.

Tournament -- The tournament will follow the published WotC rules as below. Briefly, you must have a minimum of 12 Creature cards and 30 Order cards. You cannot have more than four copies of a single Creature or Order card in your deck. You must have two large tiles and 2 small tiles, with one of the small tiles having an official start area.

Tournament Rules -- HERE

WHY: Because FUN, that's why.

* This event is not sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast.
* You will not find this event in the Origins event listing. I'm running the event because it doesn't look like there will be any official WotC Dungeon Command event at the moment.
I will be there with a constructed warband, ready to play!  I know one other player will be with me as well. Thanks for doing this!

For those of you interested in the event, I will have the 3-D Hirst Arts Tiles created by Benoit of Roving Band of Misfits. The tiles are absolutely beautiful.

Sting of Lolth & Heart of Cormyr:

Curse of Undeath:

Tyranny of Goblins:

Blood of Gruumsh:
(forthcoming article)

No promises, but Peter Lee is planning to attend the event on Friday. He will be bringing a special prize for the champion. Think Dragon's. Think evil.

This is in addition to the trophy and promo goodies for the players.
I'm so excited to get to play in a tournament.  But my GF is already making some wild statements. 
Tell us how it went (pictures would be great). Did Peter Lee showed up and that prize he's bring?
Peter Lee and Rodney Thompson showed up for the event. Peter brought a Collector's Edition Dragon Set for the tournament champion.


I have pictures / decklists / etc about the event. I just got back from Origins. I will post a write-up soon, both here and on BGG.
Excellent! I can't wait.
Was there any news of future product??
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