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So I picked up a playset of Recycle and want to build a deck with them. Problem is, I don't want to get bogged down with lands in my hand. At first my thoughts went to Retrace, but when I ditch a land to copy a spell, I'm not actually playing a card, so I'm just going down a card. So I turn to the hivemind for help - what's the best way to circumvent this problem?

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Maybe Explore for more land drops per turn? Could let you chain your turns for longer, especially since it'll boost your hand size to 3 and let you discard extra lands in order to hold onto gas at the end of your turn.

Worth noting that, if you find any good synergy with black, Null Profusion is a funcionally identical reprint of this card with the color shifted.  

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When you cast a spell with retrace from your graveyard, you are playing that card, and Recycle will make you draw a card for it.
Oh lordy, I completely misremembered the way retrace worked. I guess I'll be using Recycle with Worm Harvest then!

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Abundance is insane with Recycle. Remember your Reliquary Towers have to come down after recycle to reset your hand size from 2 to no limit. Recycle in multiples each trigger every card you play. Azusa, Lost but Seeking and other ways to drop more land really help.

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Fastbond works pretty well.
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