dungeon crawl, with surface world. and rpg elements

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i need help making a dungeon crawler with rpg elements. any body know how? 


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I think we are going to need at least some detail as to what you are asking for to be of any help... What do you mean by "rpg elements"? Do you mean introducing role-playing (as opposed to roll-playing) aspects to an otherwise hack-and-slash dungeon crawl?
thanks bro, 

rpg elements, like npcs, traveling in the open,and find the npc or job board before you learn about objectives to be completeed.

so sorta an open world crawl. sorta like pokemon red or blue version. or final fantasy tactics. 

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you should consider this question: What is a dungeon?

A dungeon is normally several rooms, maybe an underground cave or grotto, maybe a castle or ruin.

A dungeon can be the alleys of a city, a prison, a tough forest, a jungle, anything.

All you need is to think about your "Forest" as "Five linked zones". Each zone should be a little different.

Zone 1 might have a group of monsters. Zone 2 might have a hostile terrain such as poisonous spores and tanglevines. Zone 3 might have some kind of abnomrality. You might have a natural clearing, a pond or some other scene you wouldn't expect to just find in a forest. Maybe its night time and lynched bodies awaken as zombies. Zone 4 might have 1 treeant and 2-3 pixies. Zone 5 could have some kind of "grand exit" such as a boss or miniboss or marker. Maybe the remains of a crashed airship or the rubble of what was a wagon train which seems to have been raided.

In this sense, any "terrain" can be an adventure to pass through. You could tell someone to make a Survival check to navigate. Success means enter next zone. Failure means staying in the same zone, rolling a random encounter and removing rations.

The town can be a dungeon of hostile guards, thugs, alley bandits, and crooked merchants, with a few victims in need of assistance. You don't need to always have players cross forest X to reach Desert Y to cross that then Big Cave Z, then Desert Y then Forest X. If you do that, you need the cave to be smaller than bigger because the forest/desert are both "dungeons" in their own right.

You should consider that when players make their way out of dungeon X, if they are "low end supplies" you could offer them Survival Checks to avoid random encounters on the way back. You might say "Roll 3 dice, DC 14. You must win 2 out of 3 rolls to avoid the encounter". This also gives players the option of "Screw that, I want the encounter" or "Can I get a clue on what the encounter is? I wanna know whats chasing me before I decide to run". You could have them take an Airship to the cave. The ship has 4 cannons. Ship is attacked by 2 drakes. Players can use the cannons to kill Drakes which they would normally not be able to kill. Players can dodge around the deck to avoid breath weapons for added challenge. Then, they "adventure" the terrain on the way back from the cave. This means they saw the forest and desert once, and fought on the airship in addition to the dungeon.

You could realize the most humanoid NPC's fight for many reasons, and the stigma of having killed someone isn't the most desired thing to have over you. The wheels of your world are always turning. Think like this. When you look at a clock to check the time, you see the hands. But there is a clockmaker who must understand the turning of all the gears the person checking the time will never understand. That is, your party gets killed by bandits outside of town. Somewhere, somehow, someone will find the bodies and likely figure out who the bandits were, which could be bad for the bandits if the fallen PC's had friends in the world to avenge that.

So, what enemies fight to kill, what enemies fight for other reasons? Are some monsters docile? Maybe you could have a docile Triceratops get attacked by 2 basilisks when the PC's approach. They might kill the basilisk, leaving them a docile Triceratops to either tame, kill for food and materials or do whatever else. If the players express interest in keeping it, tell them all to roll a check "someone among you detects something... roll to see who."  Then reveal its a pregnant female, meaning prospective babies for future fun.

Point is, tempt your players with every carrot, and if they don't buy into a hook, save it for later and improvise. Respond to their gameplay, and dialogue and pay attention to them. They will often have great ideas that you can use. You might also look at how Final Fantasy Tactics was a "Point A to Point B" game where when you arrive on a "location" there is a chance of something already in motion when the players walk up.

Within; Without.

Consider pre-rolling random encounters, this allows you to spice them up and make them more interesting. Ask the players to give you duplicate character sheets, allows you to run a sham battle and see if a monster or trap is too tough. Enlarge thy dungeons, if you draw your maps so each square is 10X10X10 it gives 100 cubic feet of combat space and limits size of opponents. If you draw your squares 20X20X20 the combat space goes up to 800 cubic feet. So a bigger dungeon takes twice as long to move thru and contains larger opponents?

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

Hit up youtube for playthroughs of an old game called "Ultima Underworld: The Styngyan Abyss"


It's essentially an RPG that takes place entirely underground in one big dungeon.
cool game, so make dungein tiles, roll random encounters using my dmg, and place puzzles. ok i think id like to start a segment on that.

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Consider drawing up a home base for the players. Use the DMG to generate a town of 4000. A bar to hear rumors in. A mage guild or nobles to generate missions. Church to provide healing. Merchants to buy treasure the pcs have found. Trainers for the pcs as they go up in levels, etc.

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

 a world map for exploration, a few towns to recoup and dungeon tiles for the mission area,
  use random encounter charts to roll while exploring, include puzzles combat and story enconters. roll 20 twentys to take an action. the first to set    
 the challange, and the second is your charactes atempt. include a objective tile during missions, shuffel it into the normal dungeontiles and explore  
 normaly,randomly rolling fro random encounter list?

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Yes, random encounters are usually rolled randomly a day or two in advance so you don't have to play the monsters"cold". If the adventure is a temple of evil or bandit lair they might send out patrols , some DMs like to "presage' a coming struggle by throwing in a few non-random encounters.

I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

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