4/30/2013 Feature: "Looking Inside the World of Live Event Coverage"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's "Looking Inside the World of Live Event Coverage", which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Your text coverage choices seem to be based off of the assumption that the people reading text coverage are also watching video coverage.  Often (both during the event and especially when trying to get a retrospective on past events by browsing the archive) this is not the case.  
The email response button for this article doesn't seem to work, so I'll write this here instead:

"Good to read your article on live event coverage this morning. The last couple of years have been excellent IMO and what you have coming up sounds good too.

One quick request: please could you look into ways of updating the standings on the website faster? Much, MUCH faster! Often on days when I don't have time to follow the video stream I take a quick look at the results and standings and they're trailing the video by a full round or even more. With the rest of the web (Twitter, FaceBook etc.) moving at the speed of the video this is just useless and is particularly frustrating when I have friends in the event who are doing well.

If updating the entire table is too big a task to do rapidly, could I maybe suggest adding a new data panel which shows just the top 32 players in the standings and is updated more rapidly?"
Like bataleur_ what I really want to improve coverage is timely updating of results and standings.
Good idea to have a feature article about the details of coverage.  I can definitely see the improvement in coverage over the last couple years.
I would very much like to send an email, but the button doesn't work.  I get "unknown author" instead.
As a video production guy ive always wanted to work a PT.... or even a GP.... but living in NW Ohio kind of kills that....
Maybe I'm in a small minority, but I would love if videos of featured matches were downloadable, instead of streaming only. I know some videos are presented that way on MTG Daily, but it'd be great if it was systematic, although I fully realize I am not your main demographic (awkward time zone + poor bandwidth!).
It may be time to drop the chat room that accompanies live feed. Maybe it's just me but the comments aren't adding to my enjoyment and often detract from it. It's too bad - this could be a way to add fan camaraderie to the event. Instead it's "Let's be hateful and keep the moderators busy."
So if the Fantasy Pro Tour will be "on hiatus for Pro Tour Dragon's Maze", why were the "Seer of the Maze" and "Oracle of the Maze" achievements added to the Planeswalker Points website and what is their significance?  Is "on hiatus" an inaccurate description of what's going on, or is this due to a lack of internal communication on WotC's part?  Or am I just not reading something correctly?
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