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I am still working on my campaign world and i have decided to make the vampires look different then what wizards have them look like.  So far i have an all female vampire coven but i haven't been able to think of any names for them.  So here are the pics of what they look like so i would like help on what to name them.

Blood Queen(Maryse Ouellet but with red hair)

(Candice Swanepoel)

(Kate Upton)
(Content Removed) 

(Miranda Kerr)

(Adriana Lima)

(Alessandra Ambrosio)
(Content Removed) 

So that is all the female vamps that i have so far and any help with naming them would be appreciated

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so here are the replacement pics for the ones that were removed, i just hope that they are not deemed offensive.

here is another pic that i forgot to add

(Bar Refaeli)
Read up on the Urban Fantasy series, The Dresden Files. Several of the books deal with a subrace of Vampire that feed off of close contact and emotion that use beauty to their advantage. they are more closely related to Succubi, but they seem to fit exactly what you are looking for in the Stunningly Beautiful Female Vampire category.

In the novels they have adapted to the modern world by controlling the adult movie industry if that gives you an idea of what they do.
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I will immediately report any Phishers or Lonely Hearts Scam Artists.

@DaegonGthagn,  i was thinking of making them half nymph/half celestial and then vamp them with the one i set as the blood queen to be set as a vamp lord.

taradusis, those are not the type of names i was looking for, if it was the types of names i was looking for i wouldn't have posted here.  I am looking for exotic fantasy names with nicknames/ codenames that they can be referred to.
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