2nd Edition Excerpts: DMG - Equipment, Mundane and Magical

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2nd Edition Excerpts: DMG
Equipment, Mundane and Magical

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In today's excerpt for the 2nd Edition Premium Dungeon Master Guide, we look at various details and advice offered through the book. First, we consider the mundane: the quality of equipment, including horses and locks (yes, the DMG covered quite a wide range of discussions). Next, the magical: specifically, the possible powers and personalities of intelligent weapons!

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Geesh, I love 2nd. Editon and am very glad that the game is getting a reprint but the art chosen as well as the format for this reprint was a big mistake. The 1989 Cover and format was so much better. I was wondering why wotc would choose the inferior much impuned "broken hand" Easley art over the original? Are all of the black border books for 2nd editon slated for reprint? Such as the Players Option Series, and D.M. Option Series? This is the only way I see this choice as making any sense at all. Will there be a reprint of the Complete books as well? I'll keep my hopes high and expectations very, very, low.

All around helpful simian

Yes Monchee chee. I know about the pdf sales. I wanted to know if they will also get the p.o.d. treatment. I also wondered why the books considered trash by collectors of 2nd edition became the flagship for the reprint. Seems strange all things considered.
As a huge fan of 2e, I'm torn by WotC decision to reprint these books using the 1995 "black" edition. I *loved* the art of the original 1989 edition, but as I get older I find its densely packed, 3 column layout a challenge to read. As much as I despise the artwork in the 1995 edition, I really appreciate the fact that it's a lot easier to read with its spacious font and 2 column layout. 

When I bought the 1e reprints I knew I was getting some pretty looking eye-candy for my shelf. While I do play 1e on rare occasions, the reprints are more likely to be situational reference books than books I use at the table. The 2e reprints, however, are going to be in heavy rotation as I play a fair amount of 2e (I prefer to DM 4e, but I also run 2e when I get the chance). For a book that I intend to actually use as an at-the-table reference book, I'd much rather have the 1995 edition.

I'm not sure why WotC went with the 1995 version over the 1989, but I'm guessing they realized that it was a lot easier to update the later one which had already recieved the benefits of 6 years of errata. The original had a lot of issues in it that would have required a fairly significant amount of adjusting (and reformating) which would have driven up costs. But I do know a lot of 2e fans that would have preferred the 1989 version. I wonder if WotC will end up losing customers as a result of this decision.

In a perfect world I would have preferred some sort of weird hybrid: the art of 1989 and the text of 1995. But then it wouldn't be a reprint...

Regardless, I've preordered multiple copies of each book of the 2e reprints and I plan to put them into use right away. I'm planning on launching a new 2e mini-campaign the week my books arrive so we can break in the books right away. 
While I feel that the 89 2e books are far superior, I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I'm glad to see 2e finally getting some respect around here. I will have these books the day they come out, financial issues notwithstanding.

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