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Hi there,
i just joined the Wizards of the Coast community but i am a big fan of Dungeon Command. Playing and planning warbands for three weeks now i am still missing a compilation of all Creature, Order and Commander cards. So i did one of my own and wanted to share it:

Click to preview (pdf). (Dropbox - Preview only tested for Firefox.)
Click to download (pdf). (For proper view.)

The Monster cards are sorted after package then Level.
The Order cards are sorted after Ability then Type then Level.

Edit2 (15.03.2013): Updated to include Blood of Gruumsh Set. Now i can call it 'complete' again
Edit3 (18.03.2013): The Wisdom card Overseer's Whip gives 2 Speed to every controlled creature. (I said it gives 2 Speed to every Beast creature.)
Edit4 (19.03.2013): The Orc Druid has Level 3 (not 2). Changed.

Edit5 (around 22.03.2013): Color coded abilities of Creature cards and type of Order Cards for an easier browsing.

awesome work!  That is a huge help, thanks.
Really nice work. I like the commander overview the most
Thanks alot Petzle. This resource is perfect. 
My Dark Sun Campaign "Shards of a Broken Crown"
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for posting this list Petzle.

It has come in quite handy for me over the past 2 weeks and I am sure that I wll be using in the weeks/months ahead.

Thanks again for helping out the Dungeon Command community with this fantastic resource.
this thread needs to be stickied
This list needs an update. I spend a considerable amount of time reading it and making warbands while at work.
My Dark Sun Campaign "Shards of a Broken Crown"
I updated the list and included Blood of Gruumsh Set.
Have fun guys : )
Thank you, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.
My Dark Sun Campaign "Shards of a Broken Crown"
I corrected an error at the Wisdom card Overseer's Whip.    ... Never trust internet sources. ; )
The Orc Druid is marked as level 2 when it should be level 3.
Thank you, it is changed now.
Today i recieve my own copy of Blood of Gruumsh. I will then recheck every entry on the list.
Just wanted to say thanks for updating this continuously and color coding it too. It's a great resource that my group can use to learn all the cards and abilities.
You're very welcome! : )