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Hello, Community. Recently I was preping a homebrew 4e Campaign to DM as I have done many times before. Each time remembering that I would benefit from a comprehensive list of Monsters from 4E orderable by Name, Level, Role, and Book. Perhaps later (if I, or someone else wants to subject ourselves to that level of masochism) breaking it down even further, such as Type, Habitat, and whatever else our seedy little minds can come up with.

I put together a list of the monsters, minus templates, from the following sources: Adventurer's Vault, Dark Sun Creature Catalog, Demonomicon, Draconomicon 1&2, Dungeon Delve, Eberron Campaign Guide, Forgotten Realms Campaign guide, The Shadowfell, Manual of the Planes, Monster Manual 1,2, & 3, Open Grave, The Plane Above, The Plane Below, and Underdark.

This alone brought the total up to right around 2100 Monsters. I know all the Dungeons, and Dragons Magazines are missing. As well as some of the books like Dragon Magazine Anuual and Dungeon Magazine Annual.

I did not include any essentials materials as many of the monsters are duplicated for essentials purposes, and I don't usually play essentials.


The excell document I made with all the info in it.
Feel free to use, modify and share. I encourage people to add to it and reshare so we can build on it for convenience.

Happy DMing.
This is a great idea.  Crowdsourcing at its finest.  Probably would be best if we could all colaborate on the same excel document perhaps one on Google Documents?

For convenience i've shared it and opened it to the public at this location:
Thanks, that's awesome the public sharing will really help out I think.
This is a fantastic idea. In conjunction with Excel based combat managers we can really speed up combat.

Thank you. 
Over the next few weeks Ill add attack damage, HP, AC, and any other stats you think are crucial.
Utilizing vloookup command in Excel, we maybe able to create a combat manager too as a second tab.
I have levels 4-6 inputed with all relevant stats, up to and including the first high frequency use at-wil. This way it can be used in your own combat tracker.

Does anyone want to pitch in and add more levels of creatures?

I created excel lists from the compendium with all monsters including Dungeon and Dragon magazines. I think it totals 4500 monsters or something like that. Also put in all the feats, classes, themes, traps, rituals, powers, etc. It is quite complete.
Myr, would you mind sending me the link?
I would rather you didn't.  This stuff is from the book.  Actually posting it in such a way violates copywrite.  Especially since this isn't homebrew, but the official stats.
If they're just lists they're quite OK to share. It's when you reproduce all the content that you have problems.
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
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