Some of my first attempts at race creation in 4E...Catfolk and Owlkin

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Ability Score: +2 Dexterity; and +2 Wisdom, or +2 Charisma.
Size: Medium
Speed: 7
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Elven
Skill Bonuses: +2 Acrobatics, +2 Bluff
Feral Hunter: You get a +1 bonus to attack rolls against creatures smaller than you.
Whisper's Secret: When you become bloodied for the first time in an encounter shift 1 square as a free action. You get a +1 bonus to speed and a +2 bonus to Reflex until the end of your next turn.
Catlike Reflexes: You have the Catlike Reflexes power.

Savage Claws

Encounter Power
With lightning fast reflexes and precision you lash out with your claws at all of those around you.
Encounter ♦ Keywords
Minor Action             Melee 1
Targets: One, two, or three enemies.
Attack: Dexterity, Charisma, or Wisdom +3 (6 at 11th level, 9 at 21st level) vs. AC
Hit: 1d6 damage and ongoing 5 damage (save ends). 11th level: 2d6 damage, ongoing 10 damage (save ends), 21st level: 3d6 damage, ongoing 15 damage (save ends)

They don't give no hoots.
Ability Score: +2 Wisdom; and +2 Dexterity, or +2 Intelligence
Size: Small
Speed: 6
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Avian
Skill Bonuses: +2 Stealth, +2 Perception.
Fleet of Feather: When you are subject to forced movmeent you get a +1 bonus to damage rolls until the end of your next turn.
Sharp Eyes  You gain a +2 bonus to Passive Perception and Passive Insight.
Whisper's Secret: You can always target your opponents Reflex as long as you are using a Katar to make the attack. You are automatically proficient with the Katar.
Owl's Flight: You have the Owl's Flight racial power.

Owl's Flight

Encounter Power

Free * Personal
Effect: You gain a flight speed equal to your speed until the end of your next turn.

Khyber is a dark and dangerous place, full of flame and smoke, where ever stranger things lie dormant.
WRT Catfolk:

+2 Dex/+2 Int is disadvantageous in terms of NADs, since they overlap. +2 Cha; +2 Dex or Int would avoid that problem (and is probably the easiest way to do so).

Apart from the inherent problems of variable size (being Small imposes limitations and gives no benefit), a +1 bonus to attack rolls against smaller creatures is okay if you're Medium but rendered near-useless if you're Small. It's also entirely dependent on adventure/encounter composition, which isn't great. This should probably be replaced.

The name "Catlike Reflexes" doesn't really evoke "claw at everything in sight". I'd either change the name, turn it into a defensive power, or turn it into a jumping/falling-related power (replacing Whisper's secret in the last case). Which also brings me to...

Whisper's Secret seems to be pushing one gimmick too hard. They already have an Acrobatics boost and now they're getting to use it as a skill substitute, with an additional benefit on top of that. I'd be inclined to switch the first part (if you aren't changing Catlike Reflexes to cover this) to a racial bonus to saving throws to avoid falling (not a reduction of falling damage though, because the Acrobatics bonus already covers that), or alternatively allowing them to stand from prone as a minor action instead of as a move (which fits the agility motif much better, now that I think of it).

If you do keep the attack power then it not only should be "highest ability modifier" (so it's still useful if the character doesn't happen to be using a boosted stat as its primary) and the damage needs to have some scaling at higher levels (because it doesn't get an enhancement bonus-replacer or an epic tier damage bump as it stands). Maybe 1d6 + mod at 1st, 2d6 + mod at 11th, 3d6 + mod at epic.

Multi-target 2d6 + mod as a minor action at 1st level seems like it's too strong, although I suppose it could allow for 2d6 + mod if it only affects a single target. Being innately single-target actually seems to make more sense, since they don't have as many arms to flail around with as the thri-kreen does. It would also be nice to have it do something different than plain direct damage. Maybe single-target for 1d6 and ongoing mod at 1st level, 2d6 and ongoing mod + 2 at 11th, and 3d6 and ongoing mod + 4 at 21st? The ongoing damage is reasonably thematic and may allow for other options to interact with it.
So I changed the name on the racial power, yeah it didn't make much sense and changed it to be less like the Thri Kreen racial power. I also changed the wasn't supposed to be a choice between small or medium, and changed the Int bonus to Wis bonus. I think it suits catfolk a bit better.

I am going to change the acrobatics thing as well I'm not sure to what though. It does kind've focus too much on acrobatics as is. 
Khyber is a dark and dangerous place, full of flame and smoke, where ever stranger things lie dormant.
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