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ok, so im very new to this site and to d&d in general. I stumbled upon this 4e version of the soulknife, and im not exactly sure how viable it would be in practice. I love the concept, but still not sure if itll live up to my expectations. Any feedback or build suggestions are greatly appreciated.
so here is the class, and to the right under recent blog posts are his additions in the form of a new build. Right now im leaning a lil bit towards weapon of light, with the disciple of perfect strike Paragon path. Not clear on race or powers yet. thanks in advance!! sorry for being a noob 



Having seen one in action, I can safely tell you that Disciple of the Perfect Strike is an excellent way to cheese off your DM, because that output is nasty.  Especially since he was aping a warshovel...

At any rate, it shouldn't be too hard to muck up.  Just grab a race with Dex/Wis boosts, pick powers that have Wis riders, and you should be set! 
yeah thats what i was thinking, except i might go deva, and take that feat that allows me to use my int instead of dex for my powers (that is if im understanding that correctly). i was also considering going twin soul, but for some reason it seems bothersom. Thanks for the input


That's fine too, s'long as you're getting primary and secondary in your racials.  Haven't seen Full Psychometabolism or Twin Soul in use, tho. Tongue Out

That said, basic idea is still the same.  Pick the biggest [w] you can use and a ki focus to make it magic.  My one shot with it was a Pure Blade using a rapier and buckler, the soulknife in our previous party was a Weapon of Light using a gouge.  The sky's the limit! Laughing
just out of curiosity, what paragon path did u take as a pure blade, because to me it seems like the pure blade has a little more versatility


I didn't, it was a low-level one-shot.  Character would've gone into Psychic Assassin, though.
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