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I am eager to see a new Draconomicon come out. The ones that came before were very good but there is something that you can do to make it even better First is the fact that there should be a section in where you can name your Dragon because I am sure there are those that need a better selection then nameing the dragon Smaug or Puff a second would be in where you can customize the look of the dragon in question. Another thing that you need to do is to bring out the Scourge Dragons. Up until now they have only been hinted at and I think it is High Time that The Scourge Dragons be brought to the forefront they have been waiting in the wings long enough
Are there any Scourge Dragons in 4E (published book or in the Dragons and Dungeons e-zines)?  I just started reading through monster manuals and the 2 Draconomicons, but did not see any monster stats for a Scourge Dragon. 

The small excerpts about the scourge dragons definitely piqued my interest and I would like to learn more about them and incorporate them into a Dragon-focused campaign.
Scourge Dragons do not appear in the online Compendium; they may as well not exist.  There are also types of Catastrophic Dragons that appeared in 3-Dragon-Ante and were mentioned in Monster Manual 1, but never appeared in the actual game. 

A lot of these were ideas they were throwing around, like the Ki Power Source, that they thought would line their releases for years to come, but found their wells running dry as they went on with it. 

It would be fun to finally see some Scourge Dragons and the rest of the Catastrophics, though.  Maybe someone should pitch them to Dragon when the pitch window opens up.

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