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I guess I'm looking for input on this monster.  I would ask my party, but that would kill the surprise for them.  I've got a few points, so if you could tell me your thoughts on the matter, it would be appreciated, thanks.

Splitting Zombie Swarm

Basic concept is to have a huge swarm of zombies that eventually breaks off into smaller swarms that are one size category smaller(max medium).  I don't have a monster sheet posted because I'm not sure how tough of a monster this kind of feature would be on. 

1. Start off huge sized, and gets one attack per round for each square it occupies.


Deals lots of low damage dice, and which is halved for each split.

2. Each hit breaks the zombie swarm into two, and reduces size category by one?


The zombie swarm breaks at bloodied, with half the bloodied total for each break?

3. Each hit has a chance to inflict some disease. But what?

4. Standard xp? Minion xp? Maybe even Elite?

5. I want it to die if it is dealt enough damage to run out of hp. Which means the split would be an immediate reaction, right?

6. At medium size, it can no longer split. Or should medium split once as well?

1) Option 2 is a better idea technically. I'd use bigger dice with this too personally.

2) Works well enough.

3) There are plenty of good diseases that undead can inflict. Just pick one that's close to level appropriate and run with it.

4) Standard, since it's going to have a few different forms. Maybe minion for all of its little medium-small sized straglers.

5) The split can be triggered by anything and any kind of action really, but I'd make it only die outright if it take enough damage from an attack that targets all of its squares.

6) Either or works. maybe have it roll to split when it's just one little zombie. Small zombies should be crawlers.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
Thanks for the help.  Crawlers is a good idea.  Probably should reduce it's speed to slow or something.
cool idea.
I'd look up any of the slimes (there are some undead ones as well) most of  them have a Split function, I'd just copy and paste it.

They split at bloodied, but for you I'd make a 2ed split at 2ed bloddied (1/4 the origional hp) and just break it down further into a few minions.   


Well, that's what the slimes did too, yeah.  But copy paste from that doesn't have the same effect as damage changing and size as well.

The zombies would just keep splitting.  Huge, Large, Medium, (now)Small.
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