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We are currently developing an online tool for Map construction and exploration. The basic idea is to use two computers (a tabled PC and a laptop for example). On one PC the players can see only the parts of the map that they have already revealed, while the master can see the whole map.

The project is still in a very alpha state. But maybe some of you is interested in watching the progress or even in adding some comments to our work (so far). The project can be found at

have a nice weekend

A first version of the dungeon editor is implemented now. If someone is interested in alpha testing, please send me a message and I will create an account for you :-)

Registration for a free account is now available to all users:

I'm still interested in users giving me feedback and features they find interesting and important to future versions of dungeonpilot.

have a nice weekstart :-)

very simple and cool. will recommend to people
Thank you! Next week I will add a first version of tokens to the dungeon exploration. I hope you will like it.
I just took a look at the main page. Looks interesting, and I like the idea.


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