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D&D Fourth Edition

  • The three Core Rulebooks, updated to include all errata. The monsters should be in the post-MM3 format.

  • All of the Essentials content. It would be really cool if it was all in one well-bookmarked PDF, but I would settle for several separate ones.

  • A book containing the best adventures from Dungeon.

D&D Third Edition

  • The three Core Rulebooks.

  • Unearthed Arcana.

  • A book of every base class, or perhaps just the best 50.

  • A book of every prestige class, or the best 50.

  • A book of every spell, or the best 500.

  • A book of the best monsters, with about 500 monster entries.

  • A book of the best races, the best feats, the best magic items, and all the mundane equipment.

  • A book of the best adventures.

D&D Second Edition

  • The three Core Rulebooks.

  • Spelljammer.

  • Planescape.

  • Ravenloft.

  • Dark Sun.

  • A book of the best adventures.

D&D First Edition

  • The three Core Rulebooks.

  • The Fiend Folio

  • A book of the best adventures.

Basic D&D

  • A book containing all the rules and options. All of them. I want a tome.

  • A book of the best adventures.

Original D&D

  • A book containing the options from the original box, plus all the supplements.

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The World of Greyhawk...printed and pdf! Since they are releasing so many 1e adventures and books why not release the campaign setting that went with them????
lately I was thinking of running a short 4E campaign, just using PHB 1... then I was completely turned down but the almost 30 pages of errata... my book is next to useless.

I would definitely love a PDF version (or even a reprint) of the PHB 1, which included all the erratas/updates. 

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I joke that D&D Next is what happens when, A Christmas Carol-like, 3rd & 4th edition's ghosts travel back in time to an evening near the end of AD&D 2E's life, and say "this is what is coming" and so AD&D 2E heads off in a different direction. So, it's like alt-reality AD&D 3rd, maybe?Cam Banks


I am begging WotC to release electronic versions of their tiles and map packs. I am so sick of using low quality scans of the tiles I own for my online game, I would pay equal to the physical product for high-quality electronic versions of the tiles.
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