Weapon Criticals

I was reading an article not to long ago on the forums and decied to play a bit with it about Weapon Criticals.  Unless i completely misunderstood the article they were talking about larger weapons doing more in a critical attack than smaller weapons.

What i was playing with was the oposite.  Having daggers and shortswords granting high levels of damage, perhaps even more than the larger weapons due to the reality that that is the weapon that finds the chink in the armor and peirces an organ, you will never see that with a battle axe, you will just chop them up.  What i did for larger weapons was have the critical do a bit of etra damage but place the target that was critical at disadvantage until the end of the round to any adversary who attacked it.  When the entounter's number favored the monsters it became challenging for the players but they did ok.

Those two together seemed to work well for our less "powerful" stand up fighters and the players were victorious.

Just thought i would put my $0.02 in on the topic since i had read the oposite of what we tried.

I am also looking for a way to add Weapon "skills levels" similar to the ones introduced in the Masters Boxed Set.  i used those a very long time ago and everyone loved how they worked.  Like to revise a version for use in 5e.

I see where you're going with this, and your reasoning seems sound. I would say lighter weapons would deal extra damage on a crit, like say 1[W] extra damage for every 6 levels, and have heavy weapons do something different. Maybe not just advantage, but maybe an extra 5 damage on the next attack (increasing to 10 and 15)... like, the weapon crushed or cut the enemy's armor/hide so it's less protected.

This might be better for a module, though.
Quite frankly i haven't tested this at level higher than 2 at the moment the game is still very young.  What we have been doing is pretty much what  you said.  If they crit then they get max damage, then make another attack roll (+2) if they at least hit they do Max damage again, repeat until a miss is rolled.  its slow, but at low levels not that much slower. Max damage for each hit rolled is what offsets the need to roll damage.  With the heavier weapons they are granting the advantage, so as long as they keep the fight on that creature they are doing more to it over the course of the battle (yes heavy weapons do max damage as well).
I think the current incarnation of the crit dice is pretty boring.  At one point, before the open playtest, each class had a crit die. I really like this idea, a wizard, being a non-combatant rolls d4s, while a fighter has a d8, but the rogue, who's all about luck and prescision maybe gets d10s.  Let tied to the weapon, but the skill of the  wielder.

I like the concept of weapon skill levels too.  I was toying around with the idea of ditching class-based weapon attack bonuses in favor of weapon skills... maybe between 1-5.  Each rank (to use a familiar term) would be a +1 to attack, and a crit die.  If you have limits on the maxmum based on class (wizards can never get above 2 ranks etc.) every class gets a pool of points to spend on different weapon groups... some folks specialize, other spread it around. Honestly I would like this type of system for skill points too, rather than skill dice.

I love D&D more than I could ever love a human child.

Careful what you say about crits, our rogue got killed today. First attack of the day, crit her, and then rolled max bonus damage, which left her at -14 (death was -15). She failed her save, and died.

Also, there is little point it giving Wizards a crit die at this point, as they do few attack rolls. Maybe a secondary effect on crit would be more in their flavor.  
You see, that is a reason any critical hit method is bad. I would only allow Villainous NPCs to score critical hits, not your average monster, but then I have always believed that the characters in the game are "Captain America" (the best of their species) and should represent that ideal, overall, this is why they have heroic classes.

Our wizard started out making a lot of attack rolls, his 2 first level spells went quick and he did not have any combat cantrips. I allowed an update to that so he could have combat cantrips but it mean he was attacking quite a bit with his dagger.
I think it'd be great to keep the rule as is, but add a "high-crit" property to weapons like daggers and shortswords that made their critical values higher.
I think the crits as far as rule book written should stay as is. These are all great house rule ideas though.
Crits doing maximum damage seems quite sufficient given the comparatively low hps in 5e.  

Maybe at higher levels more potent crits could be introduced? Feats that make a weapon 'high crit' or additional effects on a Crit?



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These all seem legitimate, Efiend is right - as far as the rule book is written, they should stay as is, other ideas are good houserules - and every campaign has house rules. I feel tony's accurate as well with the crits - as a party member was very nearly 1shot by a crit last night. (Rogue, low con modifier, killing a big bad priest guy who crit on him...) left him 3 health from DEAD. Fortunately he rolled a crit on his first saving throw.

While I support the maintain max damage for the crit though, I DO feel like doing max damage alone on a crit leaves a VERY WIDE gap in weapon choice... A crit with a Greatsword on my human fighter should do anywhere from 18-29 damage... Greatsword is 1d12, strength mod is 5, so 17 + 1d12. If I turn around and have a typical rogue, assume I have a +5 mod as well to Dex - Daggers would mean a crit damage range from 9-13 - The fighter does double the damage. Even going to a 2handed weapon (Semi-rare for rogues, there IS the occasional optimizer or person just looking to screw around) like a Katana, lets say That's a 1d10 weapon - so that gives a range of 16-25 damage... I feel that that's better, but 2 handed fighting is almost the lone way to get the best out of crits... In that sense, I can agree with Anushirvan - Smaller weapons need a little buff for their crits...
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