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As many poeple know, geekchic is an awesome website for gaming tables. But if you know that then you know how expensive they are!
I'm an apprentice engineer and this this year I have to make a project.

My project will be the multiple games, portable gaming table!
I plan to include (mainly) DnD, card games (like poker and MtG) and Warhammer (like... warhammer I guess).    

The idea would be to have a big section&drawer for the DM at one end, and have 6 smaller drawers for the players.
They could store everything from pens, pencils, character sheets, minatures, d20 set, MtG decks and a cup holder (and a nuts holder).

In the middle there would be a velveteen recess so that dungeons tiles can be placed and double up for a nice card playing surface.

Most importantly this would fold up to something smaller than a car back seat (so we can go from house to house), be car boot proof, weigh virtually nothing and not cost me the earth whilst storing our games securely in one place.

Just want to know if something like this already exists and if there is much of a market to something like this.
I'm making this either way because my group really needs it, but ti would be cool to know the community at large's comments, ideas, opinions. 

Hello Cheswin and welcome to the D&D Community!

Interesting idea indeed! While similar gaming tables exist, i don't think any are portable so its definitly original. 

It might end up being a little heavy to transport with ease though, especially if its large and made of hardwood.

Let us know  how it goes!
 I think this has a lot of scope. But agree that having it strong enough for people to lean on and light enough to carry will be tricky. 
sign me up! you have a preorder from me when it goes commercial
I'm currently debating the material that the table top itself will be built from; either wood, ali (but cost) stainless steel (but weight) or some sort of plastic/carbonfibre/composit. thats the largest bug bear with my play. everything else is almost sorted out.

As part of the project I have to analyse any future improvements or changes, some of which would be the drawer specs - tailor made per player/dm and how many players. As far as I know 6 players is unusual? as I have only been playing a short time I'm not entirely sure how many players a 'usual' game would be.    

usually it is less, like 3-5 imcluding the DM. but i usually have a fairly large party... so for me the more the marrier...
6 would probably be the correct amount for what you are going for like 2 on each of the longer side and one at the end and then the DM side... if you are going for the rectangle look.
Ah thanks for the heads up. We're more of a 6 not including the DM.
all going well so far just some minor bugs to work out.
maybe you can post some pictures?
i'm partway through the process of vacuum forming the player trays, so hopefully later this week i post some in progress shots.
will post of piccies as soon as they are done. then i'm moving onto the inlay for the tiles and the DM's end.
finger's crossed the table top will get done within a month.  
I like the idea. It wouldn't work for our group I think. What each player brings to de table varies a lot from player to player and some of it would be hard to fit in some standard drawer.

We do have a some of these boxes that get used for storing screws and such, the ones with a lot of sub compartments you can adjust. We use various sizes to store dice, tokens, mini's, counters, etc. We also have some boxes for dungeon tiles, maps, cut-out's of 10/20/30/40 ft. circles/cones, and other things like that.

This might give some ideas of what to put in your table.

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so how is it coming along almost done? you said last time you were going to post some pictures... would love to see them!


There we go all finished! Huzzah.

5 player drawers, 2 per long side and 1 at the end. 5 table legs, all quick release. 
The Inserts are the Chessix Battlemats glued to some thin board, battle side down until play begins (has saved us alot of time!).
The recess is where the inserts sit and its lined green speed cloth ideal for card palying.

The DM end has little slots for calcualtors, pens etc, but I didn't have time to put the rules on the inside of the shield.

Don't ask how long or how much this cost me!
mass producing?
Well, you could always have that one if you wanted - I'd only be breaking it down and using it as firewood :P
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