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I am locally hosting a series of delves I've written in a modified 4E system that uses dispersal of basic land and guildgate cards in place of the standard 4E a-e-d-u structure. The Azorius delve is happening soon and I am largely using this page as a reference piece for prospective players.

Almost everything except for the themes are simply re-colored translated versions of existing 4E content. Following is generic information about the guild itself as well as links to the creature cards that will represent classes that are available for play. Note that almost everyone is a mage because this is the MtG Multiverse here.

Instead of refreshing encounters during a short rest and dailies during an extended rest, all mana will be restored upon a short rest. Encounter powers that are Immediate Actions or Free Actions cost one mana of their corresponding color, encounter attacks cost one colored and one colorless, and daily attacks cost one color and two colorless. The definition of color-alignment is largely defined by each individual power itself, and will be laid out fully elsewhere.
You can draw a land from your mana deck at the top of every single turn, two during the very first turn of an encounter, and one whenever you spend an action point. 

So here's the kind of jerks that you jerks can make.


Human, Archon[Deva], Golem[Warforged], Air Elemental[Genasi], Vedalken[Githzerai]


Azure Mage, Cryptic Mage, Alabaster Mage, Austere Mage, Azorius Guildmage, New Prahv Guildmage


Hussar Patrol [Paladin-Cavalier, Defender] White & Blue

Azorius Arrester [Fighter-Knight, Defender] White

Sky Hussar [Avenger, Striker] White & Blue

Lyev Skyknight [Warlock-Hexblade, Striker] White & Blue

Skymark Falconer [Ranger-Nomad Beastmaster, Striker] White & Blue

Minister of Impediments [Wizard-Mage, Controller] Blue

Azorius Æthermage [Wizard-Witch, Controller] White & Blue

Azorius Justiciar [Invoker-Augur, Controller] White

Jelenn Herald [Bard-Minstrel, Leader] White & Blue

Sova Field Advisor [Runepriest, Leader] Blue
This seems kinda pointless.  Mana and AEDU?  Why not just play 4e, use the Ravinca setting and go from there?  Refluffing is an easy thing to do, why bother making a whole new system?
Currently working on making a Dex based defender. Check it out here
Need a few pre-generated characters for a one-shot you are running? Want to get a baseline for what an effective build for a class you aren't familiar with? Check out the Pregen thread here If ever you are interested what it sounds like to be at my table check out my blog and podcast here Also, I've recently done an episode on "Refluffing". You can check that out here
Secondarily to make it feel different, if only arbitrarily. There's no worry about looseness of the system since they're all largely pre-built toons that people get to select from a list that I lay out in the card game store I play at. 

Primarily because it's a way to get people who have played Magic for years and never played DnD to have a transitional association method. 
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