What ability score mods do i add when i vs the 4 types of ac?

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im not sure im asking it properly :/ 

and i havnt read all the phb so if someone could give me some pages that would be great. also what are some good podcasts to listen to? i have already listend to all the chris perkins penny arcade podcasts
Firstly, maybe you should read the whole of the PHB, it will answer your question.

Secondly, maybe you should ask your question in the post rather than only the title, since that makes everyone's life easier.

Thirdly, maybe you should clarify your question a bit, since it currently is missing a verb.  Also, there aren't 4 types of AC.
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AC is determined by armor type. If heavy, then just use the armor value. If light, then add your Int or Dex mod. All other defenses are derived by using the highest of the relevant stat pair. Fortitude uses Str or Con, Reflex uses Dex or Int, and Will uses Wis or Cha.

When attacking one of these defenses, you use whichever stat mod the power in question tells you to use. If the power says Int vs Will, then that is what you use. If it says Dex vs AC, that is what you use.

The PHB will answer these questions.
4 defenses AC, fort, reflex, and will

with all 10 + half level + relevant modifers

AC: with heavy armor, AC from heavy armor and shield (if any) (later heavy AC gets masterwork bonus): light armor AC from armorplus shield if any - plus best of DEX modifer or INT  mod.  - - - -- with some classes hass feat to add CON mod with light armor (some primal classes) or STR mod (sorcerer) - - - there exist one heavy armor where you get a light benefit from DEX mod - agile armor.

Fort:   best of STR or CON mod

reflex: best of DEX or INT mod

will: best of Wis or CHA mod      
for the 3 NAD (Reflex, fort, will) remember to also add up any race and class mods.  Ex: human wiz gets +1 fort, +1 reflex, +3 will (1 for human, 2 for wiz)
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