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Has anyone found the new Player Tracker yet?
The link on the encounter page still takes me to the one for Season 8 - the Elder Elemental Eye!


Cap'n Frank

Since there are no player rewards there is no longer any need to track renown. The only other things you'd track are XP and treasure. I guess the thinking is that players can track these on their own character sheet and don't need a separate tracker to do so. Of course if you wanted to make a tracker for your group that's totally up to you.

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Taken from the booklet:-


Rather than receiving experience points, a character gains a level after playing in three sessions. So, if a player attends each session, at the end of the third session, his or her character advances to second level, and at the end of the sixth session, the character advances to third level. A player can still level up after three session of play, even i f the sessions are nonconsecutive. Players record their character levels on their D & D Encounters Play Trackers. A player who participates in every session should end with a 3rd-level character."

Not quite sure what the players would need a Tracker for, as xp is irrelevent and treasure can be noted on their character sheets - probably why there weren't any included in the packs.

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