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hey there

This i s a campaign setting that ive going through with one of my groups and they seem to really like it so i though id share it with you guys.
btw just so you know this does take "inspirations" from other fantasy settings but overall ive created my own little world... (sort of)

so i hope you guy like it and maybe even use it

The world as a whole
So this takes plave in the/a "standard" D&D setting (4th ed) with all the various gods and lore and such. however a new continent ,DrakeMyst,  has recently been discovered by a newly risen empire and they have been attempting to conolise it for the past 50 years or so. This continent however seems to have no large empires or kingdoms and also defies the established lore of the world which has lead to curiosity, religious upheaval and exploitation of the new lands. Most of the prominant races do exist in DrakeMyst but have not formed large powerful nations and most are nomadic traveling groups or tribes.

These nect sections deal mostly with some of the races native to DrakeMyst and what their culture is like

Dragons exist here but differ from their counterparts in the old world. Here they have grown much larger and are more feral and vicious. most can not speak even basic Draconic, have no desire to control or rule nor hoard vast treasures. but they are fuelled by more animalistic instinct, mostly to defend their territory and to mate.

This is the reason why no kingdoms or vast cities exist in these lands. The dragons have destroyed them all. when ever a dragon is it typically means death and destruction. There however a few dragons who can be reasoned with and are intelligent. These dragons are worshipped as gods although most of these intelligent dragons are evil and bloodthirsty with only a small handfull being willing to defend the various Humanoids.

Two dragons in particular are considered to be defenders of good and civilisation. Raynos the Red Dragon of fire and summer, and Seryon the White Dragon of winter and frost. both of these dragons live in a single mountain, called Sunbar, where they each sleep until their season has come.  And both of them have grown huge, most humanoids believe that these two have lived since the dawn of time.
During thethe summer Raynos appears at the peek and when winter comes Seryon appears. They do however occasionally leave to hunt or to fight of any feral dragons that wonder too close to the mountain.

Humans, Halflings and Dragon Born
Most humans, halflings and dragon born live in wondering tribes each contain usually 50-200 people. they migrate around the continent gathering food, wood and in some areas, various ores. They however are not primative tribes weilding wooden sticks as speers and wearing simple loin cloths as clothes. They know how to farm, raise animals and in some areas will errect small settlements before being driven off by Dragons.

The religion of most of these tribes is known as "The Temple of Flight" centered around the worship of 3 dragons; Raynos the Red, Seryon the White and Finays The Green. Raynos and Seryon live in Sunbar Mountain while Finays has not been seen for thousands of years but is still believed to live and will return when the world ends. It is said that at the begining of time the world was ruled by dragons and was covered in Darkness until Raynos, Seryon and Finays created Fire, Ice and Air. with these elements life began to grow and these 3 gained sentience and produced inteligent offspring. When life began to flourish each of these dragons focused their will into creating a Humanoid in their image. as such the Dragonborn were created now serve as the politcal and spirtual leaders for the Human Tribes. This gives them the authority to police the tribes, while there is no ratial tension, the dragonborn a largely considered above the law and sentence criminals to death. The two worst crimes are heresy and dragonborn insanity. Heretics are killed before the tribe in very painful manners. Insane Dragonborns are considered to dangerous by their kin, maybe after mass murder or other horrible crimes and while not sentenced to death they are either exiled or branded as outcast where they are considered the lowest authority in the tribe

The nomadic tribes are prepared for both peace and war with each other. at times they will trade goods they have acquired. and other times they will trade sword blows. life here can be violent and difficult as permenant settlements cannot be founded and people must live off what they can scavange. it is not uncommon for one group to pass through an area another has passed through already and find nothing and starve.

There is one exception to this, The Holy City of Lanthorn. at the base of Sunbar mountain humans and dragonborn have manage to construct a single city under the protection of Raynos and Seryon. the city itself has a population of about 3000 people with various farm steads surrounding it. yet as you get further away from the city you get further away fromt he protection of the Sunbar Dragons and are to the mercy of the feral dragons

at this point in time i cant right much more for a while, so if any one liked this little snippet i will add more late (theres alot more than this)

EDIT, more stuff coming in now

Elves, Eladrin and other Fey

The Elves and Eladrin of DrakeMyst tend to band together and have become largely identicle. Some people think that those of stronger Eladrin heritage tend to be the leaders of these elf clans but no one cane be sure. The elvish clans live in the forests and fiercely guard their borders. Like their human counterparts these clans may wonder round areas of the forest but tend to have a large territory they rarely leave. However it isnt uncommon for elves to be seen amoung human tribes yet the clans rarely leave the forests.

The forests of DarkMyst have are shrouded in some unknown magic rendering a near permanent fog in areas where the Elves arnt currently settling and the giant trees block out much of the sunlight. Amoung these trees live the Dyads, Treants and other fey animals. The Dryads and Treants guards the forests against nearly all intruders, swiftly attacking any human, orc, dwarf and even most elvish clans who wonder too close for comfort. Dryads appear out of seemingly nowhere attacking people and then quickly retreating amoungst the trees where they blend in and cannot be seen. while the treants my stay still until a target gets close then spring into action and appear as though a tree has come to life to consume intruders.
However these forest guardians are willing to co-exist with elvish clans that have lived in the area for a long time, fand will share territory with these familar groups. Yet when a new elf clan invades the territory the treants and Dryads will attack this new groups and in a blood lust anyone else who comes near for a while, making battles in the woods terrifying endevous for all parties involved.
Just like in other parts of the world alot of the creatures of the Fey are dangerous, cunning and wild. yet due to the constant fog and low light of the forests they can be even more deadly, striking before anyone has a chance to see them and quickly retreating to the shadows as if the wind itself was attacking.

lost elvish empire and roads for the forest

several thousand years ago the elves and eladrin forged an empire spanning the entire continent. building large cities and roads thoughout the lands. they learned magics which could keep dragons away from the cities and would even the forest's protecters at bay allowing them to build roads through the forests, where such a thing is no longer possible.
however like all things the empire came to an end. no one today was alive when it happened and nobody knows what caused it. perhaps there was infighting or some kind of natural disaster that brought down the mighty kingdom but the empire fractured and many cities were brought down. this did not stop new smaller empires forming however. yet the powerful magics that kept the forest and dragons at bay faded and the great Dragons destroyed the cities killing off anyone who stayed there and forcing all survivers to flee to the woods where elvish druids could attempt to keep them safe. however while dragons burnt down cities the magic keeping the forest at bay didnt fade completely. it is there but very weak. this has aloud the elf clans to form and means the roads in the forest can, sometimes, be moderately safe. yet passing through them still often leads to death.
yet due to the destruction caused by the Dragons, the elven clans have turned their backs the Temple of Flight and largely hate dragons, as such these elvish clans do not enter human territory very often.


While over races seem to struggle the orcs have thrived on the surface. Unlike their kin in the old world (they typical D&D world/setting) the Orcs here are not humanoid beasts who destroy everything. That does not mean they are peaceful however, for from it. yet here they have forged large orc clans that consist of several tribes and at times can form kingdoms which tend to fall shortly due to infighting. These Orcs while violent will not destroy for the sake of destruction but will do so to benefit their clan. They may trade with eachother and even the human tribes, however they are also likely to go to war against the same tribes very soon after.

Its not truely understood how orcs seems to do so well but many believe its due to their strength and beast like nature that they can defend themselves against the elements and also dragons. the sight of a dragon can often unify orc clans long enough to take it down and murder it. as such some small orc settlements have been erected through out the continent but they mostly keep to the eastern western fringes (i may ty to get a map for you guys at some point) where dragons tend to keep away from. and due to these settlements the orcs have been able to farm, smith and build. slaves from other orc clans and humans tribes are common, elvish slaves being prised possesions for the cheiftens.

yet the most common event to bring down an orc clan is infighting or other orc clans. for all their advances in civilisation there are violent and thuggish, yet are the most advance race on the surface of DarkMyst.

Dwarves and Drow

While most races struggle on the surface there are 2 groups who has (largely) stood the test of time underground. Both Dwarves and Drow forged underground kingdoms which often come into conflict with one another but are safe from the elements and dragons that plague the surface.


Its only been the past 2600 years that the Dwarves began to build their underground cities but since doing so they have largely prospered. Before that they were confined to the surface like most others where they formed groups somewhat similar to humans and would intigrate, in fact alot of the larger human tribes and Lanthorn do have dwarf populations, but they largely kept to themselves and would try to find caves to stay in until being driven out.
That is until a Dwarf wizard poineered technology to build structures out of stone and how to farm crops underground. With these new ideas his clan built and founded a small underground town, which with the aid of other dwarf clans expanded into a fall underground city deep beneath the surface. once the population began to grew the dwarves expanded building tunnels and new cities.
As they were largely undisturbed the Dwarves have forged powerful empires under ground yet rarely come to the surface. They have created subterranean farms and with an abundance or ores they have all they need. Yet there still are some gateways to the surface which allow tade and there is even an embassy in Lanthorn.
This does not mean that the dwarves are unstoppable though. several underground cities and towns lie in ruins, whether due to a break down of civility, natural disasters or the subterranean beasts that lurk beneath. sometimes efforts are made to reclaim these but many other times they are left to be inhabbited be wild life.
curiously the dwarves of these cities are the only race to worship the traditional gods, Their patron gods are; Moradin, Pelor and Ioun.


The Drow are almost identicle to their Oldworld kin as that is where they originated. It appears as theough the underdark spreads across the entire world as Drow explorers happened to settle here and found the lack or organised opposition let them settle in very easily. they can generally make quick raids on the surface to steal slaves and no one has dared to come after them until recently. As they have become a force to be reckoned with the have come into conflict with the Dwarven cities and are fighting a war that is more or less stalemate. The Dwarves are too strong to be removed and the Drow can quickly move away so they cannot be wiped out.

OldWorld colonists

at the point in my campaign the oldworld kingdom have been colonising for roughly half a century. One city has been constructed along the coast. The city of Ravenhost. Here the oldworld can trade with the new and spread their own religion and ideas to the native populations. A few farmsteads exist around the city but it still largely relies on shipments from back home and trading with Lanthorn.
Ravenhost is quickly developing city with a population of 2100 people, consisting of both colonists and natives. The colonists are composed of various races, human, elves, halflings, dwarves, teiflings etc while most of the native population heralds from human tribes.
The city is split into 2 main parts,  Hightown and native town, i probably dont need to tell you which populations dominate which district. In hightown most colonists dominate and it also features a church to the gods, the docks, most businesses and the court. Native town is composed mostly of the natives and is generally alot poorer but they are aloud to keep their tradions alive for now.

The court serves as the authority for most of the city, be it law, diplomacy and the ruling council. This council consists of the Viscount who repesents the empire from the old world, various business owners, Dragonborn leaders and the Dwarf embassador who resides in hightown. Oldworld laws are enforced through out the city, however the native dragonborn are allowed to enforce it and native town as well as their own laws in this district. oldworld laws are enforced in hightown and at times criminals may flee the law in hightown and flee to the native district where they are almost immediately caught by dragonborn and condemned of heresy for worshiping old gods.

Ravnhost is no stranger to attacks though, riots from the natives are common as well as orc raids, raids from human tribes outside the city, drow and ofcourse Dragons. Yet due to strong walls and defences as well as various heroes and adventurers who flock to DrakeMyst, the colonists have been able to survive and drive back most threats.

I really do like the setting and the idea behind it. I think the best past is the dragons that have become more wild and feral and left behind their gold hoarding brethren.

Kudos for the unique and definitely fun looking campaign setting, can't wait to see more
I really do like the setting and the idea behind it. I think the best past is the dragons that have become more wild and feral and left behind their gold hoarding brethren. Kudos for the unique and definitely fun looking campaign setting, can't wait to see more

thanks, ive updated it with alot of information about other races and put in a few new things on the humans

theres still a bit more left but this covers most of the basic stuff
Pretty cool - I like it very much.
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