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The new cover for the 3.5 Spell Compendium has been posted and the price is now set at $49.95. It's a really nice looking cover that goes with the core 3.5 reprints, but I've got to question the cost. $50 for a reprint of a 160 page book? That's a lot of coin for a book that will sit on my shelf and not see a lot of use.

Does anyone know how much errata there was for this book? I have a heavily used and worn copy of the SC already (original printing) so if there's not much in the way of errata, I'll probably skip this purchase and save up my money for the core 2e reprints.
That is quite steep for this book. I may pick it up still as I have yet to find a copy of the original, but it will probably wait until I obtain the upcoming 2e reprints and the remaining 1e ones I don't have yet.

Just roll some dice.



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Right now you can preorder it on Amazon at about $32
I saw the 3.5 reprints in Barnes and Noble yesterday. Pretty covers, I already own copies of 3.5. and Now play Pathfinder for my 3.5 games. I honestly feel P.F. is a way clearer system and leaves little to Errata for adjudication. I skippped on the reprints & bought a P.F. D.M.'s screen and Beastiary 2 instead. The thing is- every 3.5 player I know plays Pathfinder. Many hold a grudge against the company. I'm happy WOTC reprinted 3.5 but I don't see that winning back the fans. My 3.5 gathers dust on the shelf.
I'd guess the price is just due to the smaller print run since they're not expecting normal demand. 
Meh- $49.99, $59.99, $39.99- it's all the same.
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