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If I get a second combat phase during my turn, can I cast Berserk during that combat? A combat damage step already happened, so it's not technically "before the combat damage step."
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there is no "non-combat step" between the original and additional combat step, so you can't do it with the Charger

with Relentless Assault it would work, you could cast Berserk in the post-combat main phase after Relentless Assault resolved
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Why would Hellkite Charger and Relentless Assault be different? Can you cite rules support for that statement?
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I misread Berserk...
it says "before combat damage step", not "before combat step"

and I was wrong

506.6d Some spells state that they may be cast “only before (or after) [a particular point in the combat phase],” but don’t meet the additional criteria described in rule 506.6c. If a turn has multiple combat phases, such spells may be cast that turn only before (or after) the stated point of the first combat phase.

sorry about that
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Ok, thanks.
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