Dragon 418 - Hochcoch

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What's the word on this article?  I might re-subscribe if it's any good.
Looks like you still have a subscription.  It's okay.  Mainly details the major areas and has a few adventure hooks.  It refers to Cult of the Reptile God too.  It's just a few pages so if you're thinking of spending a ton of money to get it, I wouldn't, since you could substitute any medium sized town setting that is already written up.  But it's nice to see Greyhawk get some love, for sure.

OD&D, 1E and 2E challenged the player. 3E challenged the character, not the player. Now 4E takes it a step further by challenging a GROUP OF PLAYERS to work together as a TEAM. That's why I love 4E.

"Your ability to summon a horde of celestial superbeings at will is making my ... BMX skills look a bit redundant."

"People treat their lack of imagination as if it's the measure of what's silly. Which is silly." - Noon

"Challenge" is overrated.  "Immersion" is usually just a more pretentious way of saying "having fun playing D&D."

"Falling down is how you grow.  Staying down is how you die.  It's not what happens to you, it's what you do after it happens.”

I resubscribed anyway - it only lapsed because my card details changed and I just had no reason to resubscribe.  I enjoyed the article - very reminiscent to the articleson Hardby and Spinecastle.  Some nice nods to past adventures and some nice tips to new adventures.  I would have liked to see some more NPCs detailed, although I liked that it was edition neutral.

It was a bit like a fly in amber though - LG milked a lot of the same plot threads for 8 years.  It's a shame that none of that can be used but still better than what they did to Forgotten Realms in 4e!
Any chance you remember which issue had the Hardby and Spinecastle articles?  I'd love to see those (once I set up my subscription later this month).